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cable management solutions


January 23, 2019

Attributed To: Ahraaz Khan, Marketing Leader, Connected Living Solutions, Honeywell Building Technologies, India All too often, cable management is specified towards the end of a project, with little thought given to the ...

Speech Recognition

Handwriting & Speech Recognition – Unlocking the potential of digital archives

January 10, 2019

Authored by Natraj Kumar, VP & Head - ITES & BPO, HTC Global Services For more than over two decades, National Libraries, Universities, and other organizations world over have actively been ...

IT Certifications A Holistic approach

IT Certifications: A Holistic approach

December 21, 2018

Attributed To: Pradipto Chakrabarty, Regional Director, CompTIA India When choosing between candidates with similar formal education backgrounds, certifications often comprise the competitive edge that draws a winner apart. Skills must also ...


AI Driven Cyber Security- The Biggest Weapon for CSOs in the Era

December 14, 2018

Attributed By: Binu Thomas, EVP and India Region Head, Paladion The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) collectively refers to a set of intuitive technologies like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and data science. These ...


Pegasystems: Research Reveals Employees Switch Apps Over 1,100 Times a Day

December 5, 2018

Pegasystems Inc. announced new research that reveals how ineffective software and poor processes are hindering productivity for many workers. In a study of live desktop activity, the results showed employees are ...

consumer durables

Rural market Represents Untapped Potential for Consumer Durables

November 30, 2018

Authored By: Vinit Agarwal, Brand & Marketing Director, Aisen All geared up and conquering the 5th largest position in the consumer durables market, India is growing at the average rate of 15% ...

Track and Trace

How Track and Trace Technology will Revolutionize the Indian Market?

October 24, 2018

Authored By: Nitin Gupta, co-founder, CEO & CTO at NeuroTags In India, the pharmaceutical Industries need to have a track and trace system in place to be able to able to export ...


A Double Layered Approach to Optimizing Your Content for Search Engines

September 20, 2018

Authored by: Rohan Ayyar, Regional Marketing Manager India, SEMrush  ‘Content marketing’ is a term that grew, evolved and became central to digital marketing on the back of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now, ...

m2m technology

M2M Technology Decoded By Jitender Sandhu, Gemalto

July 25, 2018

Machine to Machine communication or M2M Technology is one of the swiftest growing innovation. The kind of connectivity it provides has eased the functioning of businesses. M2M can connect a ...

Feature Phone

Feature Phone: The Flag Bearer of Mobile Phone Industry

July 13, 2018

2017 recorded a slow growth in the sale of smartphones that paved way for features phones to take over the market. Where the first quarter of 2018 showed a tremendous ...


Enjoy Uninterrupted Entertainment In Low & Zero Connectivity Area with this App

June 28, 2018

Entertainment and travel are like bread and butter. Either of them is incomplete without the other. Whether it is a small journey or long one, entertainment is a fundamental need. ...


Cryptocurrency Can Be Accepted As A Mainstream Financial Instrument In India

May 1, 2018

A Wallet is a folding case for safely holding your physical or paper money. Similarly, to securely manage your digital money there is a cryptocurrency wallet. Thus, the protection of ...


How WhatsApp can combine with your CRM to improve your Business?

April 27, 2018

Attributed To Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions Do you remember the days when you lived without WhatsApp? ...


Startups Can Leverage Calls for Maximum Profitability With The Help of This Cloud-Based Call Management System

April 2, 2018

We understand how significant and cumbersome it is to manage calls. And calls are crucial when your team is sparing no effort to convert the potential leads. There you just ...

Qtek Systems

Anand Ramakrishnan, CEO, Qtek Systems : ‘Most of the cyber security challenges in 2018 will remain the same as those from 2017’

March 27, 2018

The Qtek team helps you to run your IT platform seamlessly by integrating cognitive solutions, analytics and automation with best-in-class IT service. To add on, here we have Anand Ramakrishnan, ...

Oxygen Optimizer is not Air Purifier

February 7, 2018

Whenever we talk about Air Pollution, only conventional method to curb comes in mind are Air Purifiers. Although, beside Air Purifiers there are Oxygen Optimizer in the market too which is other ...

IBM Cloud is the platform for Success

February 2, 2018

With an enhancement of PaaS capabilities, IBM after announcing ICP is witnessing more customers signing on on IBM Cloud. Vikas Arora, Country Manager, Cloud Business, IBM India and South Asia discusses about ...


Canon Aims to Uplift The Demand Of Ink Tanks Printers In Indian Market

February 1, 2018

Canon India ended 2017 on a profitable note with a landmark growth in double digits. Further, Canon aimed to make larger space for itself in the Indian ...

5 Enablers of Your Agile Transformation Journey

January 18, 2018

Why are organizations moving towards Agile? “Simple, To make more money!” As your company evolves into a mindset of ‘Doing the Right Things, Right @ Speed’, you will deliver awesome products ...

Matthew Zielinski

“With Ryzen Pro, we can only go up in India”- AMD

December 19, 2017

In a one on one with PC Quest, Matthew Zielinski – Corporate Vice President and General Manager, WW MNC Sales, AMD shares the roadmap of processor development in AMD’s new product Ryzen ...


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