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UltraEdit 32 Professional is a useful text/hex editor for programmers, Web developers, or even people doing simple word processing. Besides text files, it also recognizes Java/HTML, C, INI, Header files, batch, and doc file types. You can check out the demo version in this month’s CD

It comes as a 1.36 MB zipped file, installing which is quite easy. UltraEdit has several useful word processing features, some of which are also available in commonly used word processors like MS Word. For instance, you can move highlighted portion of text from one place to another by simply dragging it with a mouse. It has a 100,000 + word spelling checker, and additional dictionaries are also available. File conversions can be made between Unicode, ANSI, UTF-8. It can also convert between DOS, Mac, and Unix file formats. You can open a file in read-only mode so it doesn’t get modified. It highlights the line you work on to help you retain focus on your work. These are very useful features you won’t be able to do without once you get used to them. However, we did miss having some features. For instance, you can’t insert comments in a document. It doesn’t support the commonly used rtf format.

UltraEdit-32 Professional

Meant for: Programmers, writers, webmasters
Features: 100,000 + word spelling checker; built-in hex editor and FTP client
Pros: Small, many features, easy to use 
Cons: No support for rtf format 
Contact: Shareware version on CD

Programmers will find UltraEdit very useful for its syntax highlighting features. It recognizes the syntax for various high-level and scripting languages like C#, Visual Basic, Perl, C/C++, and Java. Also, people working in HTML will find that all the tags are color coded and spaced properly. It supports keyboard correction and auto-completion. It also has expression searches, and a useful feature called project support, wherein you can associate several files as one group, making them easier to locate. UltraEdit also extends its capabilities beyond text editing to opening binary files as well. It has a hex text editor for the same.

The program has several useful features for webmasters also. These include a dockable tag list, which contains all HTML regular and special tags, and even Cold Fusion tags. You can simply dock it with your file, and insert the code directly. The program also has built-in FTP that allows you to directly send or retrieve files from an FTP server. You can also execute DOS and Windows-based commands directly from within UltraEdit. All outputs for commands get recorded in a separate document. Overall, it’s a very useful software.

Anil Chopra at PCQ Labs

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