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This office suite doesn’t need lots of resources. It’s free, yet
complete–no upgrades needed, no limited use. It provides all the basic
functionalities of the commercial suites. In fact, Pegasus Mail is possibly the most
powerful e-mail client around.

Edit Pad

Edit Pad is an elementary word processor that lets you create documents in RTF and text
formats. It lets you open, create, save, and format text documents. You can set page
properties, use different fonts, and edit your text with this simple 4 MB software. Edit
functions include cut, copy, paste, find and replace, and go to (line). It supports fonts
like Times New Roman, Gothic, Arial, and so on, and you can have various colors for text
and background.

Sphygmic Software

This software gives basic spreadsheet functions like making tables, defining
mathematical relationships between values, making graphs, and more. You can create, open,
and print spreadsheets, format cells, arrange values alphabetically, and generate various
kinds of 2D and 3D graphs. It has its own file format called .VTS.

Sphygmic gives you all the basic edit functions such as cut, copy, and paste. It helps
you draw instant charts in various forms like pie, bar, plane, polar, area, and
logarithmic. You can choose data formats from fraction, decimal, date, time, and currency.
The spreadsheet supports 140 formulae, which need to be manually typed but are listed in
the help file. These include sum, average, max, min, odd, false, and many other scientific
and financial ones.


This database management app helps you make your own database by defining different
fields. It supports different field types, such as checkboxes, date-time picker, edit,
memo, image field, etc. You can also create global fields and records that can be used as
templates for creating other databases.


This neat browser is based on the Internet Explorer engine. It lets you browse the Net,
download your mail, find sites related to the topics of your interests, and has channels
to get direct access to entertainment, shopping, arts, sports, fashion, and many other
sites. It supports frames and ActiveX controls too. You can even change the browser skin
to give it a look of your interest.

Pegasus Mail

This extremely powerful mail client can manage multiple mail accounts. Multiple users
can send and receive mail from multiple accounts. While composing a message, you can
align, bold or italicize your text, mark it as urgent, ask for confirmation of being
delivered and read, spell check your contents, and even encrypt the message with a
built-in encryption software.

You can create and manage rules to filter your incoming messages. Pegasus Mail’s
address book lets you keep track of your contacts. You can also mail the same letter to
various people using its mail merge feature. You can arrange your messages in alphabetical
order, in order of size or by date of receiving. All these features make e-mailing with
Pegasus Mail interesting and fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Install this office suite and get going.

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