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It was not an easy job to pick up the top winners from each category for the
8 members Jury team. Vikram Chandra and Rajiv Makhni from NDTV, actress and
former Miss India Gul Panag, technology consultants Atul Chitnis and Kishore
Bhargava, Stuff editor Nishant Padhiar, tech writer Ashish Bhatia, and
CyberMedia chief editor Prasanto K Roy went through intensive discussions before
finaliing on the winners. In our July issue we announced winners of 9 categories
out of 16. The winners of the remaining 7 categories were as follows:

Audio Products
Philips BluRay Home Theatre HTS 7540:
Although this is a classic home
theatre in a box setup, it takes things a step further. The Blu-Ray player and
amplifier are one device, with all the 5 speakers (4 towers and 1 center) and
the subwoofer connected to the main unit. Its fast, with Blu-Ray discs loading
up quickly. The tower speakers are nicely designed with toughened glass stands
although the setup does take a bit of time and a couple of people because of the
assembly required. The main unit has a USB and aux in port as well; the USB port
plays audio files, photos and DivX movie files from USB flash devices. Setting
this up in the classic 5.1-setup style yields some pretty great results. You get
a wide sweet spot and powerful sound, thanks to the large ported sub.

Gaming Products
Sony Playstation3 Slim:
A gamer’s delight, the new PS3 console is slimmer,
lighter, dressed in matte finish and offers delightful performance in all
arenas. Gameplay is superb, BluRay is an absolute delight and media storage and
playback from the built in hard drive is simple. Really impressed with the
BluRay playback as well and the experience improves even further if you get the
dedicated BluRay remote (optional accessory). The DualShock3 controller offers
extensive feedback during gameplay. It can be charged using the USB port on the
PS3, and the battery can last about 15 hours of gameplay. Tried it out with a
Full HD and HD Ready televisions, and there was no let up in the constant
brilliance of the PS3 Slim.

Imaging Devices
Canon Eos 550D:
The EOS 550D is an update of a long line of entry-level
DSLRs available from Canon. The 500D introduced video recording into the mix at
a good price. While it did full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) video, frame rate in this
mode was limited to 20 fps, which leads to choppy video (this is noticeable if
the camera or the subject moves fast). That’s why for all practical purposes,
the EOS 500D was limited to 720p HD video. The EOS 550D now takes the same CMOS
sensor as the more expensive EOS 7D, adds full HD video recording with
selectable frame rates (24, 25 or 30 fps) and an ultra high-resolution
widescreen LCD.

Portable Audio
Bose QuietComfort 15 :
The QC15 are top of the line acoustic noise
cancelling headphones from Bose. The headphones have redesigned ear cushions
that use new materials in a proprietary design to establish a critical
acoustical seal thus helping to further reduce noise while providing a
comfortable fit. The headphone has a TriPort acoustic headphone structure and
active equalization to provide balance sound output. The headphone uses a single
AAA battery for the noise cancellation and is extremely comfortable to use.

TV Display
Samsung 7000 Series 3D LED television:
The 7000 3D LED is an absolutely
fantastic product, which is truly on the highway to the future. The price,
however, will be a bit too steep for a lot of people. The 7000 3D LED does tend
to heat up quite a lot, be it with a DTH or a DVD or even a 3D movie. This is
due to the extremely slim form factor and the lack of cooling fans on the rear
panel. But for those who are willing to spend, this will be some experience.

Green Award
Bureau of Energy Efficiency:
The Government of India set up Bureau of Energy
Efficiency (BEE) under the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. The
mission of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency is to assist in developing policies
and strategies with a thrust on self-regulation and market principles, within
the overall framework of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 with the primary
objective of reducing energy intensity of the Indian economy. The Green award
was given to BEE with a unanimous vote by the jury team.

Celebrity Endorsement
Kareena Kapoor: Kareena Kapoor won the Celebrity endorsement segment for
her role as a brand ambassador through the year for various IT brands.

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