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The jury most likely originated in early Anglo-Norman

property proceedings, where a body of 12 knights or freemen who were from the

area, and usually familiar with the parties, would take an oath and answer

questions in order to determine property rights

- Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law


The decision on who are the actual winners each year rests

with the jury. The

PCQuest team audits the nominations, shortlists and researches the shortlisted

ones. But finally it is up to the jury to pick out the winners. And there are no

set rules for the jury to operate. There is no stipulation even on the number of

awards each year. What we do give the jury is a synopsis of what pervious

year's juries have done and what yardsticks they have used. Though we request

the jury to identify one 'project of the year', even that is not mandatory.

The jury sets its own rules and decides on the number of winners to be awarded.

(Left to Right: Shyam Malhotra, Sunil Kapoor, Satish Naralkar, Pradeep Gupta and Alok Ohrie)

How do we choose the jury? The jury is from three

industries-IT users, IT industry and media. We take special care to ensure

that those who have their projects in the running are not on the jury. And with

almost a hundred and fifty projects in the running, that can become a difficult

task. The winner of the 'Overall Best' award of the previous year generally

chairs the jury. That would have meant Indian Railways this year. But with

another Railways project in the running, we had to bid goodbye to that



The IT industry itself had many projects in the running.

Similarly, we had projects from almost all major media houses also in the

running. So, we were indeed extremely lucky to get a very experienced jury to

judge the projects this year.

Our jury, this year, was chaired by Satish Naralkar, MD and

CEO of NSE.IT. NSE.IT was the winner last year for their project on 'Online

Risk Management System'. The jury member representing IT users was Sunil

Kapoor, CIO of Fortis Healthcare, who again was a winner last year, with their

Hospital Information System. Representing the IT industry, we had Alok Ohrie,

Director, Systems & Technology Group, India/South Asia of IBM.

Representing media, we had Pradeep Gupta, the CMD of

CyberMedia and Shyam Malhotra, Editor in Chief of all CyberMedia Publications,

including PCQuest.


The jury met in


in end May. For one of the awards, the jury asked for more research to be done;

and that award was

finalized over e-mail over the next couple of days.

The process

The PCQuest team

presents each project to the Jury as a single slide synopsis. One person

in the

PCQuest team is identified as the 'advocate' for each project. This is

the person who researches this project in detail. This research includes

the audit form that is filled up, interviews with the project team, and

visits to see the project in action. Interviews with beneficiaries and

other participants in the project and research of other published


This person presents

the particular project to the jury. The one slide presentation captures

the essence of the project, what is unique about it, and most importantly,

how it has been implemented.

Members of the jury may

ask the PCQuest team further questions on the project. This information is

provided from the audit report that the project implementers have filled

up or from in-depth the discussions that the advocate has had with the


The PCQuest team does

not participate in the deliberations of the jury. 

Satish Naralkar, MD and CEO, NSE.IT

Satish Naralkar joined NSE in 1994 and became CEO of NSE.IT in 1999. He is responsible for managing the NSE's large IT infrastructure and electronic trading facility including the world's largest private interactive VSAT network. 
Pradeep Gupta, CMD, CyberMedia

Pradeep Gupta founded CyberMedia, South Asia's largest specialty publishing group. With over 27 years of experience, he is also a member on the boards of many institutions and government think tanks.
Alok Ohrie,

Director, Systems & Technology Group, India/South Asia, IBM

Alok has spent over 18 years in the IT industry, with ESPL, Wipro and IBM. He is a senior member of the IBM management team for India /South Asia.
Sunil Kapoor, CIO, Fortis Healthcare

Sunil has over 20 years of experience in industries as diverse as Healthcare, Manufacturing and Hospitality. He also has proven expertise in corporate planning and business process restructuring.
Shyam Malhotra, Editor in Chief , CyberMedia

Shyam has over 25 years of experience and heads the publishing operations of CyberMedia as Executive Director and Editor in Chief. He is also the founding editor of