The Smartphone is the ‘Demat’ to Achieve Digital India

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We spoke to Aiyappan Pillai, Vice Chair – IEEE Bombay Section &  Founder, ICT Consultant – Congruent Services to understand the upcoming trends in the personal technology domain. Here are the excerpts:

Q. In the consumer products to be launched in the coming future, how do tech companies balance out the demand for convenience and time savings alongwith affordability for masses?

Convenience and time savings do not necessarily preclude affordability where solutions satisfy basic/primary needs across the social spectrum. In this case, to drive volumes, the Tech companies have to ratchet up the technology baseline for entry-level products. For example, an essential home- appliance that is pro-actively monitored to pre-empt break-downs is a time-saver for all. To state a cliche, it ultimately depends on the perceived value. Multiple levels of services may be offered to achieve differentiated pricing. However, attractive pricing could also drive the adoption of seemingly secondary/trivial “needs” such as refrigerators monitoring daily essentials and giving timely reminders or placing orders. So it is a continuous push and pull combination between tech companies and consumers to enhance the value proposition of a product from its utility as “trivial need” to that of “essential”, thus addressing the affordability aspect.

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