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This year there was stiff competition for the Editor’s Choice award. Most of the
UPSs performed very well in our tests, with the only difference being backup time. The
overall results have been affected by price, making it the major determining factor for
the top position. Thus, the Datex Accure FA150EBH comes out on top, followed by Integrated
Intelligent/Smart. Models from Tata Liebert, TVSE, Powercom and Adtech also showed
outstanding performance. The Liebert and TVSE models topped in features. But they were
pipped to the post on price. Also worth mentioning is the Quantum Aeon: good performance
at a very low price. In all, it was a tough fight, and even tougher for us to decide the

edc99.jpg (11805 bytes)Datex Accure FA150EBH

A line-interactive UPS with great performance at a good price

ups-13.jpg (7202 bytes)The FA150EBH, a 1500 VA UPS, gave a 56-minute backup with our test load (684
W). It could sustain a wide fluctuation in input voltage (153 V to 281 V), restricting the
output between 200 V to 247 V, and provided a good switchover voltage of 250 V DC. The
Datex came with four 12 V, 26 AH batteries in two external battery packs. There are no
internal batteries. The UPS has a serial port for using UPS monitoring software. It gained
an advantage on the price front–costing Rs 34,500 for the package with a 2-year

7a1.JPG (11232 bytes)Type: 1500 VA line interactive
Price: Rs 34,500
Backup: 56 min
No of batteries: 4 (12 V, 26 AH)
Switchover voltage (max, min): 281 V, 153 V
Voltage regulation (max, min): 247 V, 200 V



Lablogo.JPG (8904 bytes)Integrated

Top performance with outstanding features

ups-7.GIF (18866 bytes)The Integrated is on the costlier side. But very good performance and
features offset it to make the UPS second overall. This 1600 VA online UPS gives a
precisely regulated output of 221 V at all input voltages. It has twelve 12 V, 7 AH
internal batteries that were able to support a load of 1120 VA (694 W) for 45 minutes.
Being an online model, the UPS had very stable switchover characteristics with no
fluctuation in1a1.JPG (12802 bytes) output voltage. It ships with monitoring software, has explicit
indicators, and is covered by a 2-year warranty.

Type: 1600 VA online
Price: Rs 45,000
Backup: 44.8 min
No of batteries: 12 (12 V, 7 AH)
Voltage regulation: 221 V constant


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