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An ISA card for connecting to NT

Terminal Server or Citrix Metaframe servers. US$ 249

Features: Built-in display

and network functions; auto login at startup.

Pros: Easy to set up; doesn''t

require a network or display card; no hard disk required.

Cons: Hardware documentation

needs to be better.

Source: VXL Instruments, House

of Excellence, No 17, Electronics City, Hosur Road, Bangalore

561229. Tel: 80-8520046/8521048 Fax: 8521048 E-mail:


This card is for you if you''ve got a lot

of old machines gathering dust in a corner, which you''d like to bring

back to life. The Eazi-TC is a thin-client solution that connects to

a server running Citrix Metaframe or Win NT Terminal Server. With this

card, you don''t need a video card, network card, or a hard disk on your

client. It combines all these functions and fits into the ISA slot of

any PC.

The software provided lets you connect

to a server running terminal server or Citrix Metaframe in various ways-with

a modem, over a LAN, or even through a direct cable connect. Once connected,

you''ll get a Win NT workstation terminal on your screen. You can then

run any application that''s installed on the server, provided you have

the necessary user rights.

If you want to connect an old machine to

Citrix Metaframe without this card, you''ll first need to load an operating

system-specific client (provided by Citrix) on its hard disk. With this

card, you don''t need a hard disk, so the hassle of loading a client

on the machine is gone, and so are the troubles associated with an old

and slow hard disk on your client. If you do have a hard disk, the card

gives you an option to boot from that.


The greatest advantage of this card is

the ease with which it can be installed and used. If you don''t plan

to use a separate display card and hard disk, just pop the card into

a standard ISA slot on your computer and turn it on. It''ll boot up,

and prompt you for details of your server name, user name, and password.

Details on how to do this are explained clearly in the manual. However,

you could face trouble if a separate display card is used, as might

be the case if your motherboard has an onboard display. The VGA function

on the card conflicts with the second display card. To solve the problem,

you have to configure a jumper on the card. This wasn''t mentioned in

the manual. In fact, there were several jumpers on the card, but the

manual explained only one. It would be helpful if the manual could also

explain the rest.

There''s another manual that contains instructions

on how to use the software. This is pretty comprehensive. There''s an

auto login feature that makes the machine log onto the server immediately

on booting from the card. So you don''t have to completely shut down

your machine. The client software has an auto-search facility to find

all servers on your network to log on to.

For a built-in display and network, the

card is quite cheap. But you''ll need to invest in the Citrix Metaframe,

Win NT Terminal Server, a well-configured server, and preferably a switched

network, for it to work. All these will add quite a bit to the cost,

but if you already have some of this in place, then the Eazi-TC card

is worth a buy.


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