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1. What Apple TV Can Do: Apple TV is able to stream from iTunes, as well as some online services such as Netflix. It can stream local content from PC or Mac as well. The ability to stream local content is a big plus for Apple TV.

Nexus Q Can’t Do: With the Nexus Q, you are only able to tap into content on the Google Play store and YouTube. Hence, you will only be able to play movies, music and TV shows bought off the Google Play store. So no services like Netflix or Pandora can be used; these applications are ones that consumers have grown accustomed to using.

2. What Apple TV Can Do: It prices itself at $99 but offers the equally vast amount of content through iTunes, and the same services that the Nexus Q provides.

Nexus Q Can’t Do: It can’t justify its price at a whopping $299, with Apple TV almost providing the same quality of content and services, maybe even more but at a price of $99.

3. What Apple TV Can Do: It has a remote control with a menu and regular video/audio functional buttons to control the playback.

Nexus Q Can’t Do: It does not have any remote control with it. You can of course use an Android device to control it, and that Android device should be running Android 2.3 or above.

The main selling point of the Nexus Q would have to be its function as a social media player, with friends being able to “DJ” at parties by manipulating the song queues through their Android devices. Hooked with a 25 watt amp, it can serve as a good sound system, but will consumers be willing to shell out $299 just for this cool feature? For now, it seems that only hardcore Google fan boys will be drooling over the Nexus Q, and Apple TV will more than suffice for most users with its very reasonable $99 price tag.

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