This is How Intex Tests a Smartphone Battery For Reliability

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Along with the advancement in the mobile technologies, 21st century witnessed the rise of the Li-ion battery technology which was a revolution in itself. Since these batteries had long life, they could be recharged and discharged time and again at minimal operational cost. Lithium has the highest electrochemical potential which gives it the capacity to deliver the highest voltage upon reaction. Unlike, the previous battery technologies, these batteries have higher storage capacities and are a lot less toxic and cheaper.

Last decade, technology space witness many groundbreaking developments ranging from Li-polymer batteries which could handle very high capacities with the same size, the pouch cells which light weight and the latest were being rapid charging technology. Extensive research in the field of batteries has enabled longer hours of gaming, longer internet usage and longer talk time.

“Battery is a wild animal and artificial intelligence domesticates it.” became the anecdote of the mobile phone manufacturing industry as these batteries needed protection circuit boards (PCBs) for control. This industry is still looking forward to a breakthrough which will further reduce the size of the battery but would disruptively increase its capacity but until that day 4000 mAh is the limit within which all battery manufacturing companies have to work.

This year, over 35 mobile manufacturers are competing against each other to maximize their market share in India. The brands need to get the pulse of today’s consumer to be able to claim the desired market share. One of the primary drivers for brand loyalty in Indian consumer is the battery backup. High battery capacity but low weight is one of the major attractions for a consumer. Safety of the consumer becomes the main concern for the manufacturers when such high-energy densities are delivered in small spaces. Multiple tests must be carried out to ensure safety of consumers.

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