This is How Intex Tests a Smartphone Battery For Reliability

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2) Thermal shock test: The current generation has many gaming enthusiasts who have a passion for high end games. These games are not only demanding on the mobile phone but also on the batteries which get discharged with a heavier load. This causes the battery to get heated up too. Also, a portion of our customer base faces extreme climatic condition where the temperature is subzero. This test simulates both these conditions in their respective extremities.


In this test, the battery is kept at a temperature of 75⁰C for a period of 6 hours. Subsequently, the chamber temperature is rapidly changed -40⁰C. The battery is again kept at this temperature for a period of six hours. This period of 12 hours is counted as one cycle and the test is repeated for 10 cycles. The battery is kept under observation for a period of 48 hours once all the cycles are completed. If there is no leakage, fire or explosion then the whole battery lot is deemed fit for usage by the customers. If the sample battery fails, then the whole battery lot is rejected.

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