Time-Saving Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Can Pace-Up Your Work

There are multiple Windows keyboard shortcuts, but not all of them are aware of them. Here are some that will make your life easier.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Working on a Windows system is a combination of the keyboard and the mouse. Both these work together to make the pace of the work faster and more efficient. However, there are keyboard shortcuts that can make you rely less on the mouse and help you work in a faster and more efficient way. These keyboard shortcuts might be known by a lot of people, but more people should know about them. The list will not consist of commands like "Ctrl+C" or "Ctrl+V". These keyboard shortcuts are more than just copy and paste. You should know these shortcuts to rely less on the mouse and work mostly with the help of the keyboard.


Windows Explorer Shortcut

Users often go to the hassle of opening Windows Explorer to check their downloads and other files. Well, there is a shortcut for that. The Windows Key+E command will take you directly to the explorer page, from where you can toggle the files in your folders and even on the desktop. If you want to access your drives or any file on your system, this command is your go-to answer.

windows explorer


Minimize All Tabs

No one likes intrusion. There are times when you are working and someone walks by. You might not want to show what you are doing, but minimizing all the tabs with the help of a mouse can take time. There is a shortcut for you to jump right to the desktop home screen and then back. This shortcut is Windows Key+D. This command will close all your tabs and take you straight to the desktop, where you can stare at your wallpaper for as long as you want. If you want to go back to what you were doing, this command will help you do that as well.



There is an extension to this functionality as well. If you want to minimize a tab, then you can also go for the Windows Key+Down arrow key command. This will minimize the tab that you are working on and if you want to maximize it again, you can use the Windows Key+Up arrow key to maximize the tab and continue working.

Multiple Screens on Desktop

The split-screen or multiple screen functionality is very prominent in smartphones nowadays, but did you know that you can also do it on your computers. There is a simple command for that. All you have to do is use the shortcut Windows Key+Left/Right arrow key. This will make the current screen you are working on shift to the side, allowing you to use other programs in a split-screen. This can boost your productivity and help you work on multiple programs together. It is a very helpful functionality for creators and multitaskers.


multiple screens

You no more have to do the Alt+Tab deal over and over again. However, if you want to keep a track of all the work that is going on. You can simply use the command Windows Key+Tab. This will display all the tabs in front of you, and you can check the progress in all of them in real-time.

Taking Screenshots


The go-to way of taking screenshots is going with the snipping tool and then cropping it according to your liking. However, if you were looking for a better way to do it, then you should use the command Windows Key+Shift+S. This will allow you to take all kinds of screenshots. Whether you want rectangular or free screenshots. You can adjust the dimensions according to your need and then get a screenshot faster than ever. This quick command will save a lot of time if you take screenshots regularly.


There are times when you copy something and then forget to paste it, losing it completely. There is an option of clipboards on smartphones that we all know of, but there is the same option on computers as well. With the Windows Key+V, you can activate the historical clipboard. This will register everything that you copy and will also allow you to go back to them even after hours of copying. You can choose whatever you want from the list and use it. This is extremely useful for people who copy a lot of stuff and might forget to paste it in the right place.


These are some Windows keyboard shortcuts that you should know of. These will help you work in a more efficient manner and lessen your dependency on the mouse for getting things done. What are some of your favourite Windows keyboard shortcuts?