Tips and Trick to protect your devices

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It’s not a rocket science to do this. It can be easily managed, even by those who are not technically sound. Following are some measures you can adopt –

Keep the devices clean

People download different apps and some of them are used only once or twice in a year. Afterwards, you never use that app for a longer period of time. Travel apps, some download fashion or shopping apps during the festive season etc. are some examples. It’s always a good practice to remove those apps from your device. You should clean your tablets and PCs etc. It will benefit you in three ways –

1) You will be able to secure your device from various vulnerabilities,

2) Your device storage space will be free for different other things and lastly,

3) Your device will work faster as it doesn’t have wasteful data that consume RAM.

Keep them up to date

Your machine must have update OS, software and applications. Microsoft, Apple, and Android all send updates to its devices. Many people ignore to update them, but it’s always advisable to do so whenever you receive a notification for updates.

Updates don’t only bring new features to your OS or app, it also updates, security patches to offer the best defence against viruses, malware and other online threats.

Must have strong password

I would strongly recommend you to have a strong password with all your devices, be it phone, tablet or PC. I have seen people not adding any PIN or passcode to their device, which harms them later when stolen and the thief can easily get all the data out of your device.

Another good practice to be safe online is having strong passwords for all your accounts, including email accounts, social networks etc. Try to keep longer passwords, make them alphanumeric and add some special character as well. One important fact I would like to tell you is that hackers try to crack your password by using your birth date, or name of your beloved ones. It’s recommended to not use such things in your password.

Use security and privacy settings to safeguard

Your personal information is very valuable. If you don’t find it important enough then think about it while putting your feet in the hackers’ shoes. Hackers are always in the ambush to get one loophole and steal your data and in most of the cases, they prefer public networks where you are using Wi-Fi network or in a cyber cafe. It’s advisable to check for security and privacy setting before using any public Wi-Fi or when in a cyber café, ensures to secure your browser before you log in your accounts.

Keep your wireless connections off

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless connectivity features can also be dangerous for you if left on. Some thieves look for such pitfalls and then connect your device to track your movements. It’s important to keep them off when not in use.

Fraud messages and emails

Don’t ever respond to any fraud messages or mails. These could come with interesting offerings, such as you have won something and to claim it you need to provide some info. When it happens, please don’t respond; rather contact legal authorities to take action against them, so that others could be safe.

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