Tips to increase lifespan of your electronic devices and appliances

Follow these tips to increase lifespan of your electronic devices by adding a year or two on your gadgets' usability

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As per a report by the Guardian, a staggering statistic showed that a large chunk of household appliances had to be replaced within the first 5 years of their purchase. What came as a shock was that the statistic hung around a 7% for replacement rate in 2004 while it went up to 13% in the year 2013. So, we think it's safe to say that defects and lifespan of electronic devices are drastically increasing.


But, we know replacing a product really does cost money. Hence, here are some simple tips curated for you to increase the lifespan of your electronic devices and appliances. To make things easier, we have picked smartphones, laptops, televisions, and LED lights for giving you our hack guide. So, use these and add a year or two on your gadgets usability.


Some of the easiest ways to increase the lifespan of your smartphones include the following:


1. Firstly, clear up the clutter. Remove photos and apps that no longer serve you or aid your memory. It is best to keep the internal space high so that the functioning of the phone does not get compromised.

2. While gorilla screen is all the rage, a tempered glass screen protector never hurts. Who minds the extra protection? While you are at it, a sturdy case support would help too.

3. The thumb-rule is to go for the software updates as and when they come in! But, at the same time- after three updates, just try to replace the phone as it can start impacting the compatibility.


4. Once in a while, give your smartphone some respite. No, it isn’t a spiritual hack, but our laptops get the sleep option while we aren’t working. Our phones just never ever get a break. Hence, it’s best to power down your phone intermittently.

5. Also, your phone maybe your best friend. But, we strongly recommend you to not exercise with a smartphone in the pocket.

6. Lastly, keep the viruses and malware away as far as possible.



1. Not to sound redundant, but liquids are the biggest enemy of your laptop. Avoid that cup of morning coffee around the laptop as liquids can cause crazy damage to your computers and laptops.

2. Do not shut down and plug in for large intervals. At the same time, do not go for hibernation mode all the time. A shut down makes sense if you do not need the laptop for 8-10 hours.


3. Invest on soft cloth and computer cleaner. Clean keys and screens would definitely do wonders.

4. Keep up with software updates and go in for regular maintenance.



In this generation of LEDs and smart TVs, here are some tips you can use to extend their longevity:  

1. Your TV screen shout be shut out regularly, both internally and externally. Do not keep it on when you are not watching. Netflix gives a reminder, but not all TVs are automated to shut down every time they are left on long intervals.

2. Setting it up near any heat exuding space or device can compromise the lifespan of a television. So, place sensibly and accordingly.


3. Adjust the contrast levels as per your convenience. The higher the contrast, the more battery your TV consumes and there is a direct impact on your TV’s lifespan.

4. A voltage regulator and a back-up for the battery is sure to help your television for sure.

LED Lights

LED lights are the most popular lighting option when it comes to areas of lighting. The primary reason why LEDs are scoring way over their incandescent options is because of their longevity. Here are some tips to increase their life span even more:  

1. Control the usage duration of the LED lights. It is quite a well known fact that these lights last much longer than the regular bulbs. But keeping them on for longer time dims them. So regulate the use. 

2. Try giving the lights ample period for cooling down. As explained earlier, ambient temperature and the temperature of the bulb case determine the life span of the LED. Letting them cool off for longer extends their age and illumination. 

3. Avoid rapid switching on and off can really reduce the entire life span and hence this simple trip pretty much ends up being the most crucial one.

4. We hope this helps you and don’t worry, if you feel the lifespan has been shortened due to unforeseen circumstances, then you can always reach out to your nearest service center for the best refurb and repair solution possible.

The article is authored by Krunal Shah, Co-founder, Qarmatek Services Pvt Ltd.

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