Top 5 Best Gun Combinations in PUBG Mobile

These 5 best gun combinations in PUBG Mobile will help you master all the ranges and prepare attacks left right and centre.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile is a very diverse game where players can choose between multiple weapons depending on their playing style and temperament. Players can make multiple weapon combinations in the game. There are 378 weapon combinations that can be made in the game. However, some combinations are just more well-rounded and overall better in the game. These gun combinations in the game can help you enhance your play style and take down enemies in a fast and sometimes impressive fashion.


#1 M416+AWM

This weapon combo is perfectly balanced for all the ranges as it should be. It can easily handle all the ranges, for example, M416 is good at close range as well as in mid-range and AWM is a beast at long range so this is the only weapon combo that is good at everything. The weapon damage stats of M416 and AWM are really impressive. AWM has the ability to take down a full Level 3 helmet and knock the person out. M416 is can take down a Level 2 helmet with 2 headshots. This combo can be very effective if you get lucky enough to get AWM from an air-drop.

#2 MK14+M416


This is the deadliest combo for aggressive players especially if you rush a lot then this is the best weapon combo for you. If you put a red dot on MK 14 and switch it from single tap mode to automatic mode, then it's a god-tier weapon in close range. The advantages of using MK 14 in close range is that its weapon status if we take a look at the damage to this weapon which is the highest, and it can shoot really fast. Maybe a bit faster than m4 while maintaining 30% more damage. That's an impressive weapon and that's the main reason it is locked in airdrops only. However, there are some disadvantages you should know that MK14 is a semi-automatic sniper which is made for mid and long-range so the magazine size is a lot smaller which is 10 rounds and 20 rounds when using extended mag. So you have to have extended mag quick-draw, or it's going to be very tough to use in close range even with 20 rounds. This is where M416 is a good option, you can quickly switch and take down enemies. It is fairly easy to use and control and does good damage.

#3 UZI+DP-28

Uzi is such a popular SMG because of its rate of fire. It can shoot up to 25 bullets in less than a second and that makes it an overpowered weapon in close range. Uzi can sometimes outperform M416 and AKM by having higher DPS. DP 28 is a go-to weapon if you're new to this game by having the lowest recoil so controlling recoil will be an easy thing to do for the new players. By the way, DP 28 has identical damage as an AKM so it can be really powerful in mid-range especially with that high damage and low recoil even in the long-range. You can easily control this weapon with single tap fires but don't try to fight against bolt-action snipers as they might have the ability to one-shot you. So don't mess with bolt-action snipers in long-range.


#4 M249+DP-28

Both weapons are light machine guns, but it's excellent, and you should give it a try. M249 is a god tier weapon. It has the highest damage per second in any weapon. So it's extremely good at close range and awful at long range. So DP will take care of mid and long-range. M249 can sometimes outperform every other weapon in close range except shotguns. You can wipe out the squads with 100 rounds of a magazine. You will have the ability to put the pressure on opponents in mid-range by going prone and continuously keep firing with 100 rounds. The problem of using machine guns is that it takes a lot of time to reload its magazine, which is technically not a problem. You will have 100 rounds of M249 and 47 rounds of DP-28, a total of 147 rounds which is more than enough to wipe out the squads so try to reload your weapon when you are in a safe position.

#5 DP-28+AKM

This weapon combo will give you ammo synergy, and we all know DP-28 is a reliable weapon for mid-range sprays and long-range sometimes. However, DP 28 is not bad at close range. It can still work fine by having almost the same damage to AKM, but it has a lower rate of fire than most of the assault rifles, so you will have fewer chances of winning the fight. You can always use AKM as your primary close-range weapon and take down enemies in every range with this combo.

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