Top 5 personalised learning platforms that help students keeping pace with their studies while enjoying summer vacations

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This year’s summer vacations will be far more active in stark contrast to the previous two summers. Allowing your child to experience the world outside, engaging them in arts and crafts, watching movies, keeping notebooks, engaging in reading, and so on will help them make up for the lost time. However, we understand that forcing them to study or practise over the summer vacations will be difficult, therefore we’ve compiled a list of 5 user-friendly platforms that will allow them to continue their school studies, try coding, and play quizzes while also enjoying their summer vacations without any worries.


SpeEdLabs is a Personalised Practice Platform that uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence & Adaptive Learning to ensure personalized learning for each student. Applicable for students from Class 7th to 12th and those preparing for competitive examinations like JEE and NEET as well. students have access to 1000s of questions and practice papers, test series etc and all their practice is tracked, mapped and analysed on this system. The platform offers personalized analytics insights into what the student must focus on and their individual areas of weakness, and also allows them to strengthen their core concepts by offering learning and doubt clearing sessions and mentoring.


It primarily provides services to students from Grades 4 to 12. This education app is an interactive practice platform and has features like two-way audio, video and whiteboarding tools where students are able to see, hear, write and interact in real-time. Moreover, they have online classes for grades 6-12, competitive exams and co-curricular courses and ) and Problem Solving Assessment (PSA).


This edtech startup operates with quizzes as a learning tool to foster life skills and inculcate curiosity in children and also parents. Best known for the Sunday Family Quiz session, it overs many online games on Adventures, Archades, Action, racing and many more. It also offers varieties of wide range quizzes that enhance the knowledge and curiosity among children. Children have an innate curiosity that is slowly lost as they fall into habits of rote learning and use exam performance as an indicator of progress. . QShala works with children of all ages to help them acquire a mindset of lifelong learning.

Khan Academy

This not-for-profit education platform provides free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning. Their math foundation courses help learners revise important concepts from previous grades that are necessary to grasp the topics covered in the current grade. This platform offers 100% free content for Grade 1-12, aligned to Indian curriculum.


Small children between the ages 5 onwards get easily bored if they don’t have any newer fresher fun activities. Here is the’ lets tinker’ app from Tinkerly, an edtech startup, that maximizes the learning experience and fosters curiosity of students for first time coding learners. It has mixed components of real-life scenario activities that trigger their curious minds and hands-on learning experience like problem-solving skills to kids in otherwise monotonous Online coding classes. Their unique pedagogy and technology platform enable personalised learning to each child at his or her own learning pace. This platform offers Hindi coding classes as well.

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