Top 5 VR games of 2019

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There hasn’t really been much of a jump in tech since the introduction of PC Gaming. Even the basics of console gaming have remained largely the same. We have been using the mouse and the keyboard since the early ’90s, and remote controllers for even longer. Sure these hardwares themselves have become more advanced, but when it comes to a new innovation, there haven’t been many. Even if there were, not a lot of them have stuck. Except for Virtual Reality. VR has been around for quite a while, but as a medium of gaming, it has just begun to start picking up pace. There are a lot of possibilities but it is limited by the high cost of hardware. There haven’t been a lot of memorable VR Games, but 2019 was different. The year gave us some really amazing and creative VR Games. Here is our list of the top 5 VR Games of 2019: 

Superhot VR 

This game is 2019’s runaway it. It has a simple concept; time only moves when you move. But that simple concept helps you pull some complex manoeuvres. You can throw bricks at people, shoot them, snatch their weapons, throw shurikens at them. All this can be strategically done and can take place within 3 seconds or 3 minutes.  

Beat Saber 

Basically, Guitar Hero and Star Wars in one. In the game, you have to break tiles with the light sabers, which represent musical notes. It employs the same note highway style that Guitar Hero and Rock Band used. One of the best features is that you can make music in game, use mods and even download music made by other players. 

Blade And Sorcery 

The game is still in Early Access, but boy is it great. It is one of the best melee combat games available on VR right now. You can decapitate an enemy, electrocute them with sorcery or just rip them apart. Just get creative. It is bloody and gory, and it is awesome. 


DOOM VFR is the VR adaptation of DOOM Eternal. It brought in the novel concept of teleportation for movement since normal movement can make you sick. This makes the gameplay fast paced, which many VR games find tough to achieve. The story isn’t great, but if you are looking for a run and gun game in VR, this is it. 

No Man’s Sky 

This game saw probably one of the worst cases of release for a very hyped game. But 6 months after release, developers came up with a new update and delivered everything they had promised, and more. And it includes VR. An already beautiful game, the VR version enhances your experience. You can ride an alien creature, get into fire fights and pilot your spaceship, in VR. How cool is that? 

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