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2019 was very eventful for Android Games. They finally got recognition as legit esports titles and big companies and famous esports organisations began investing in the mobile gaming market. As a result, we saw new Android games come out, most of them focused on the esports aspects, and a lot of them ported from PC to mobile. Here, we list the best Android Games to be released in 2019, in no particular order: 

Call of Duty: Mobile 

This was the firebrand of 2019. The immense popularity of the game can be measured by numbers. The game had 20 million downloads within 3 days of release, and within a week, it reached 100 million downloads. Call of Duty: Mobile doesn’t just bring Battle Royale, but also the classic Call of Duty multiplayer modes from the console and PC that made it so popular in the late 2000s and early 2010s. The game also has a thriving community where the developers interact with the players, making the fan base all the more loyal. 

Free Fire 

This BR offering by Garena is another game that is giving a tough competition to PUBG. Not only in terms of popularity like Call of Duty: Mobile, but also in the Mobile esports environment. The game’s BR mode usually lasts about 10 minutes, which makes it immensely popular among casual gamers as well. It is also less demanding in terms of hardware and resources than PUBG and CoD. When it comes to esports, it is the top Mobile esports game in South America, where Free Fire has immense popularity.  

PUBG Mobile 

I am pretty sure that most of you already know that PUBG Mobile was going to be on the list. It is the OG mobile esports game. PUBG mobile is the game that actually started mobile esports. The game is immensely popular in India and gave the esports scene a huge push. Tencent has already pledged $5million for PUBG Mobile esports for 2020. 

Auto Chess 

Auto Chess is a hugely popular Dota 2 mod. It is basically a complex form of chess with RNG with importance given to resource management and combinations. This game started a whole new genre of video games called Auto Battler. It became so successful that people started downloading Dota 2 just to play Auto Chess, which was then only available in the Dota 2 arcade. It is now a standalone game, with versions for both PC and mobile. 

Dota Underlords 

This is Dota’s version of Auto Chess. Since Valve and creators of the Auto Chess mod couldn’t come to an agreement, they went their separate ways. Dota Underlords has characters from Dota 2 and the money from Valve, which clearly shows. Even though Auto Chess was the first Auto Battler, Dota Underlords was the first one on Mobile and is the best Auto Battler game out there. It also has a huge esports potential and if you are looking for hours of fun, this game is it. 


The trend of porting PC and console games to mobile seems to have been picked up by indie developers as well. Vectronom was formerly only available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, but now it has come to mobile as well. And let me tell you, this game is hella trippy. The level design and obstacles will change with the beat of the music, along with the background colour. This combined with electronic music make it an almost psychedelic experience and very challenging.  

Shadowguns Legends 

If you are looking for an MMO experience akin to Destiny or Warframe in a mobile game, this the game for you. It has a whopping 200 missions in the single-player campaign and more multiplayer missions. It has all the elements of an MMO such as a multiplayer hub, in-game bars, casinos and NPC’s.   

Alto’s Odyssey 

All of the games mentioned above require your attention and will keep you on your toes and engrossed. But Alto’s Odyssey is completely different. It is the successor to critical Alto’s Adventure that came to a couple of years ago. The game is meditative and relaxing. It has a stunning minimalist design with simple controls and an amazing and soothing soundtrack. I recommend that even if you don’t play games on mobile, you still download it. 

Brawl Stars 

Supercell has been coming with a hit after hit. The latest game is Brawl Stars, which is a shooter brawler. Think of it as an arcade BR but much more colourful and cartoonish. Also, every character, or a Brawler, has a special ability which is charged while playing. This game is highly competitive and requires skill, but since the matches are usually short and the game is 2D thus light on resources, it also has a great appeal to casual gamers. 


If you are into MOBAs, Vainglory is for you. One of its biggest appeals is that it is a cross-platform game. But if you are looking for some casual fun, this might not be the game for you. Don’t get me wrong, Vainglory, in my opinion, is the best MOBA on mobile out there. And even though the games last about 21 minutes, beginners who have no experience in MOBA will face a very steep learning curve. This is a complex and amazing game with a high skill cap, and if you stick to it, it can be very rewarding. 

Arena of Valor

If Vainglory is Dota of mobile gaming, Arena of Valor is League of Legends. AoV is another great MOBA, but it is easier to get into because it is more forgiving. Its accessibility makes it more popular than Vainglory. 

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