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Top 5 Cloud Based Apps for your Business

Cloud based business applications can be a boon formid-sized enterprises because of their any-time/anywhere accessibility, and that too from asimple web-browser. What’s more, there are innumerableapplications available on the cloud today, making it a chal-lenge for any business to identify the right ones. To makeyour job easier, presented here are a few apps that can be’up and running in just a few seconds’, to help your busi-ness.

1: Zoho Projects
Category: Project Management


Zoho has a lot of cloud based applications, but one of thebest among them is called Zoho Projects. It is a comprehen-sive project management app that offers interactive fea-tures and a look and feel of a social networking website likeFacebook. The home dashboard has done a fine job of inte-grating various tabs for uploading documents, schedulingmeetings, creating projects, and for timesheet manage-ment. Add to that a few distinguishing features like inte-grated chat and discussion forum, and you have a prettypowerful platform for project management. The real utilityof this app is that it allows members of a project team to postreal time updates of their project on the wall of the users,very similar to the posts/updates on the wall of Facebook.

2: DimDim
Category: Web Meeting







DimDim, a web meeting cloud app that offers the option ofeither directly entering a web meeting or scheduling it asan event in future. However, while the app gets loaded inthe browser (Google Chrome in our case) for the first time,it asks for a plug-in (sized 9.8MB) to be installed. One canhost web meetings with up to 50 users at a time. When youlogin, a dial-in number and passcode gets generated. Theapp allows you to invite members of the meeting throughemail or your personalized virtual room URL (likehttps://my.dimdim.com/gurjot.sachdeva/). The web meeting features allow you to video web-meet, web-chat,share files, share common whiteboard and even yourscreen. The USP is that the app can record your web ses-sions.

3: FreshBooks
Category: Financial Management








An interesting cloud app for financial management, Fresh-book makes it simpler to bill clients, track payments, etc.Some key features include automated invoicing, online pay-ment collection, automated late payment reminders toclients, track expenses, share projects with contractors,budget your finances, etc. Another interesting feature isthat you can invite your contractors into your projects. Theycan track their time on your project from their independentFreshBooks accounts. The USP is that the app has a corre-sponding iPhone app which makes it accessible on the go.

4: Zoho CRM
Category: Customer Relationship Management








Zoho CRM is another app that can be considered by mid-sized enterprises. It manages your sales, marketing, cus-tomer support and inventory in a single system. It comes inthree editions. Free Edition offers hosted CRM for entre-preneurs and startups who need an immediate solution fortracking their daily sales activities. Professional Edition,priced at 12$/user/month and offers a complete sales au-tomation solution for small businesses with an integratedmarketing, support and inventory modules. Enterprise Edi-tion, priced at 25$/user/month and offers an enterprise-grade CRM for managing complex organizational hierarchywith individual user access control. Plus, Zoho CRM is ‘payas you go’ service which enables you to upgrade or down-grade the selected editions at any point of time.


5: Clarizen
Category: Project Management

Clarizen SaaS web based software offers a complete end-to-end project management solution. The software offers a listof features including unique project planning and executiontools such task management; resource management; teamcollaboration; budget management; expense reports; issueand request management; time tracking; reports and dash-boards; project plan templates; project planning; and inte-grations with Google Docs, Zendesk, iCalendar, Outlook,and several others, allowing for full cross-platform synchro-nization. Priced at approx 50$/user/month for monthly ba-sis, it offers a 2 year subscription at approx30$/user/month.

Clarizen was the most comprehensive and feature-en-riched app of our shortlisted ones, so we have done a hands-on review for the same.





















































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