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Dealer e-confirmation

Company: LG Electronics India Project Head: Arindam Bose , Head – IT 
Leveraging technology in creating a platform of communication and business reconciliation with about 600 dealers across India on a monthly basis.

Core Banking Solution Implementation

Company: State Bank of India Group Project Head: Krishnan Ramanujam, Program Director 

Belapur, Mumbai
One of the most complex core banking implementations in the country.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

Company: All Aztec Software end customers Project Head: Nataraj , CIO 
An internal project to resolve bandwdith allocation problems to do the offshore software devlopment in India with better QoS and at much lesser cost. A high-speed Internet connection was set up and this was segmented to different customers dynamically as per the demand. So customers paid for what they used. 

IVR APIN Project

Company: ICICI Bank Ltd Project Head: Joydeep Dutta , Deputy General Manager 

ICICI Bank, Mumbai with users across country
A single authorization window for customers for ATM and phone banking. The system integrated multiple applications online. It helped significantly reduce PIN mailer costs and there was an increase in customer phone banking usage.

Knowledge Management Portal

Company: BSNL Project Head: V K Mahendra, Abhay Kumar and V K
Sr. DDG (IT), Jt DDG (IT-III), Jt. DDG (IT-II) 
This project introduced the organization to e-culture, providing an effective mode of communication. It offered an added advantage of tremendous saving in fax/telephone usage as vital information is always available, even to the remotest BSNL offices.

Life Test of High Speed Bearings

Timken Engineering Research India Project Head: Senthil Raj Desappan,
Lakshmanakumar, Project Managers 
The software controls and monitors a rail rig that simulates a high-speed train. This is meant to do the life test of high speed rail bearings in such a way that the rig can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world using their intranet


Company: Indian Oil Corporation Project Head: J K Puri, Executive Director 

SAP R/3 implementation in the petro sector, which covers the entire business scenario, provides easy availability of data everywhere across 405 locations. This helped IOCL optimize its resources and make the right information available at the right time for taking the right decisions.

McDonalds India

Company: Cannought Plaza Resturants (I) Ltd Project Head: Sameer Murgai 
New Delhi, Noida and 43 stores in North India
A project that integrates the complete business value chain, providing Intelligence to decsion makers for maximising their return on resources

Modi Integrated Solution

Company: Modi Industries Ltd Project Head: Sameer Murgai 

Modinagar, Delhi and 17 Depots accross India
Integrates the information and proceess flow in different businesses under one umbrella to modernize and maximize the 

Reference Monitoring System (REFNIC)

Company: Government of Himachal Pradesh Project Head: Sanjeev Gupta, Secretary (IT, BT and S&T) 

Himachal Pradesh Secretariat
A file and paper tracking system with online search

Underwater Crawler Data Acquisition & Control

Company: National Institute of Ocean Technology Project Head: Senthil Raj
Desappan, Valliappan, Project Managers 
Software written to automate and control an underwater crawler that lands on the ocean bed up to a depth of 600 m from the mother ship and provides absolute remote control of the crawler and gives all information to the user

Rural ATM

Company: ICICI Bank Ltd Project Head: Bharath Bhushan, Chief Manager 
Location: ICICI Bank, Mumbai with users across country
Designed for remote penetration, offering biometric authentication for customers. It’s been desiged to incorporate the smart card technology, and is connectivity independent. It even provides information other than account information

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