Top Social Networking Platforms that are Boosting Creativity in Today's Times

The Internet is making a significant contribution in improving our lives every day. Know about the top social networking platforms that are creativity.

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The Internet is making a significant contribution in improving our lives every day. It is giving entrepreneurs the power to fund their dreams, students the opportunity to learn new skills, and much more.


Creativity, the enigmatic concept used by artists, is not just an ambiguous product of the mind. Rather, it is also a measurable quality that can be amplified using modern tools and technologies. It might be shocking for many, but the truth is that dozens of technologies and tech products including social networking apps have gained massive popularity in the recent past and are an integral element of many lives and have been boosting the creative processes more than one can imagine.

In the present times, when we are surrounded by negativity, indulging in a productive and healing activity is extremely important. What else could be a better way than honing our talent and using our creativity as a therapy to disconnect ourselves from the world and de-stress and rejuvenate our mind as well as our soul.

Though an app or a platform might not be able to make you creative, but it can surely help to give you that nudge you need to release your inner creativity. While going through an impasse that prevents us from engaging our grey matter in the way we need to find a solution, the following platforms come to the rescue-


ChekMarc: ChekMarc is a free global social platform where members help each other achieve their goals by connecting with people with shared interests and expertise. It is not a social media platform but a global social community that allows the members to exchange innovative ideas and thus enhance their creative skills. The categories for conversation and interaction are endless! On ChekMarc, you can connect with a global community to form meaningful connections that empower members to give and get guidance in a more secure, private, and positive way.

NOFILTR: NOFILTR is a social media label that primarily incubates young talent by giving them creative and resourceful direction. They establish collaborations between influencers and brands and desire to create a network that facilitates personal expression and intriguing content. NOFILTR connects the brand to the influencer, and the influencer to the world at large by offering a wide array of services ranging from personal branding, content creation, and curation, influencer marketing, and brand collaborations, campaign design along with campaign execution and analysis.

Do Your Thng- This is one of the leading content creation apps in India. It facilitates collaboration between brands and creators and provides them a platform to interact and promote their products and also create aesthetic posts. The brand aims to drive the creators to pursue their passion- that is creating and posting content. The unique bit about the platform is that all kinds of users can post their original content on the app. Be it amateurs, a common social media user, or an influencer, everyone has the opportunity to join the community and start creating content. Offering such creative and communicative activities at zero cost, this is one of the go-to apps for indulging in fruitful leisure time and expanding your creative horizon.

Fuzia: Fuzia is a global online women's networking community and a talent showcase platform for creativity where women empower women and help discover their passions. It provides a virtual stage for the females to exhibit talent, creativity and spark meaningful conversations with those who share similar passions. The talents that the female audience exhibits can be in any form, be it stories, blogs, poetry, photographs, articles, fashion, art, craft, videos, designs, or anything else. In just a span of 8 years, Fuzia has garnered the support of thousands of creative women and has influenced more than 5 million followers globally.

We hope that this list brings an end to your search for productive, creative, and unique social platforms. Happy scrolling and posting!