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Ever faced with a situation wherein you were trying all measures to get back
you stolen laptop or PC? LocatePC comes to your rescue. The software runs
unobtrusively on your computer, with no icons, popups or saved emails. And the
thief who has stolen your laptop, will not even know that LocatePC is running.
Ans as soon as the thief connects it to the Internet, it gives out a message to
the mail id you have provided thus helping you map out your laptop. Working with
LocatePC is simple. We will guide you here on how to install and work with this

Direct Hit!

Applies To: PC users
Price: Free
USP: Increase the chances of recovering
your stolen laptop
Primary Link:
Google Keyword: LocatePC

The software runs on Windows Vista/XP/Me/98. Log in to your system and
connect it to Internet. Remember LocatePC does not support HTTP proxy servers,
mail servers that use SSL or SPA or IMAP (including Gmail and Hotmail), or email
accounts that only work when the PC is connected to a specific ISP. Download the
software from and install it.
Configure you email by clicking on “Settings” in the main “Console” menu. You
need a POP email account for LocatePC to send you email. You can create one from
AOL, Gawab, Bluebottle or @inMail24. Next, click on “Email message” under
“Settings” menu and enter the mail id which is not your regular one, you can use
your friend’s id. Now go to “Email schedule”and set when you want to get an
alert from LocatePC. The “Settings” menu also has an “Advanced” menu, that you
shouldn’t normally need to change. It includes options such as, trace route,
show reported IP address, etc. Now try an IP change. You will be greeted with an
email with informationlike the IP address of the thief. In our case, we got the
following message within three minutes.

Here you have to enter your
email id which is compatible with LocatePC, identifying information and
schedule frequency of the secret email.
I received this email, as I
simulated an IP change. It has all the necessary information to trace back
your stolen laptop.

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