Trend Micro Showcases Comprehensive Security Solution for Amazon Web Services at re:Invent 2013

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At AWS re:Invent 2013, Trend Micro Incorporated is showcasing a comprehensive, automated security solution for deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS).Including key security capabilities such as anti-malware, firewall, intrusion prevention, encryption, and application scanning, this optimized solution empowers organizations to address their responsibilities under the AWS shared security model and keeps corporate applications and data safe. In addition, its first-of-its-kind licensing model is aligned to the way organizations purchase AWS instances, revolutionizing how security is purchased for cloud services. Ranked number one<1>in cloud security, the solution is powered by the Trend MicroTMDeep Security platform,which secures cloud instances, Web applications and sensitive enterprise data. Unlike traditional offerings with a singular focus on capabilities like anti-malware, the Deep Security platform is full-featured and easily deployed based on each customer's needs. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner,Trend Micro is also the only security provider leveraging the new AWS Test Drive Program, equipping customers to evaluate a broad range of security capabilities for their deployment-in minutes and at no charge. "We were required to obtain PCI-DSS certification, in a short time, due to a requirement of one of our biggest customers. We chose Trend MicroTM SecureCloudTMservice and Deep Security because, with these solutions, we have been able to meet various requirements of the PCI-DSS in a modular, fully integrated way," said Renato Giuliana, cloud project manager, Vayon Insurance Solution Provider. "Other major differentiators we found were the fast implementation of the project and the affordable cost."


AWS's shared responsibility security model establishes distinct roles to protect deployments. While AWS is responsible for infrastructure security, end-users are obligated to protect the operating system and beyond. Trend Micro's solution encompassesa variety of capabilities to ensure deployments remain secure onAWS:

Operating systems

Deployed as a service or on premise,Deep Security protects and securesphysical and virtual servers, and public and private cloud deployments.It matches the elasticity and flexibility of AWS with the full support of leading operating systems and is optimized for auto scaling using action-based metadata.


Web applications

Application vulnerability scanning with expert false positive removal combined with Web reputation management provides a holistic view of application security for any Web app.



Sophisticated encryption and key management capabilities have been optimized for the AWS environment to seamlessly protect data across private and public cloud deployments. Trend Micro also offers a ground breaking approach to protecting data in transit with unlimited SSL certificates, empowering customers to deploy the right security without concerns over extra costs.

Pricing & Availability

Trend Micro is the only security provider that allows organizations to align the purchase of their security solution with the way they purchase cloud services on AWS.Organizations can purchase security in two ways: in advance, similar to purchasing a reserved instance; or pay-as-you go, comparable to an on-demand instance, which bills only for the security used at a fraction of what customers pay AWS.Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service will be available in Q2 of 2014 in Asia Pacific. "We are excited to be a part of the AWS ecosystem and firmly believe that Trend Micro's cloud security offering is second to none," said Nunnikhoven. "Our team has put together a comprehensive approach to help you meet your security responsibilities in the AWS cloud. We've made it simple to deploy security that fits your business needs by developing context awareness within our products - helping you automate security by making it more reliable, allowing you to focus on the business at hand." Find out more at: