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When we look at the tools that SEO folks use, there are a whole lot of them out there. What are some of the tools that you use everyday?

– The AdWords keyword tool
– Majestic or SEOmoz link analysis tools
– Google Webmaster Central and Bing Webmaster Center
– Google Analytics
– ChartBeat

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What are the top five strategies or best practices that marketers can use to get the desired rankings in search engines?

– Good keyword research.
– Good content.
– A search engine friendly site.
– Good HTML page titles.
– Good social sharing, which can lead to links.

How often do the rules change (algorithms for instance)? Is it possible to stay on top of these changes?

They change all the time, though some of the big ones don’t change that much. Our Periodic Table Of SEO explains all this in more depth. We keep up by monitoring news from the search engines and reports from readers and elsewhre.

How do you see the interwining of search and social as indicated by Google’s Search Plus Your World? Is it good for marketers and SMEs?

It makes being on Google+ one of the most important things SEOs can now do. If you’re on Google+, and people follow you or the content you share, you greatly increase the chance of ranking better.

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What do you utilize different social networks especially Google+, Twitter or Facebook? Do you treat audiences differently?

I cross post mostly the same things, as there are different audiences in each place. Not different in interests; just different people. But I share more funny image stuff I find on Facebook and Google+, as they lend themselves to that. I share more pictures on Google+, as it’s easier. I post more on Twitter, general observations, because there’s more activity there that allows this.

Now that social media optimization has been creating lots of noise and is being utilized by almost all businesses, how do you draw the line between SEO and SMO?

SEO is about getting traffic from search engines for free. SMO is about getting traffic from social networks. They are completely different activities. But social can influence search, so you want to be doing both.

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Social media is another great option for marketers & entrepreneurs in addition to SEO and PPC. Do you agree? Can you please explain?

Yes, social is an entirely new traffic area that can generate visitors and also help shield you from being so search engine dependent.

What advice would you give to those that are new to SEO/SMO and lack the 10 years of experience?

Start doing it. If you’re alone, read lots and get practice in and learn. Alternatively, find a company looking for someone eager to learn.

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