“Trump- a Godsend for India”

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After a long and tiresome campaigning for the last 28 months Donald Trump declared as the 45th President of U.S. in spite of repeated insults to neighboring and other nations, Muslims, NATO etc.

He is the most hyped person in social media for the last 7-8 months. While economists, women activists and various other personnel target Trump for his obnoxious behavior, he carried his self-identity to win the cup.

The imperative question also arise how a man like Trump who has zero respect for women and other nation elected as the President of one of the most powerful nation in the world?

llustration: these colorful and mostly offensive quotes:

“All immigrants from Mexico are rapists”;

“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”;

On exporting goods to China: “Listen you m—–f——, we’re going to tax you 25 percent!”

“You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.”

India is one of the few countries around the world cheering and rejoicing the triumph of Trump. Therefore, let’s check out some of the ten imperative reasons how Trump can be a boon for India.

Reason 1:

Trump is an out and out businessman. As the deals we talked about in the beginning, he is looking at India as near virgin (and please don’t interpret this with a sexual connotation) territory to expand his own business (and now by default, all American businesses). The mass consumer purchase power of India would ensure he never goes on the wrong side of the bed with India (huh, with Trump it’s difficult to avoid the sexual lingo).

Reason 2:

While he has abused and lambasted Mexico, China, Muslims, women, NATO and all, he has been rather adulatory and full of compliments for India. “By the way, India is doing great. Nobody talks about it. I have big jobs going up in India. But India is doing great,” he said.

Reason 3:

Harvard University economists have projected that India’s economy will grow at an average of 7% through 2024, the fastest of any major economy. A recent World Economic Forum survey found that 17% of India’s population was undernourished, down from >30% only five years back.

Reason 4:

The 70 year old billionaire has been trying for years to capitalize on his brand in India, teaming up with local property developers. So India has a special affinity for him, no doubt. “It has been my desire for many years to be involved in a great project in Mumbai, and it is my honor to bring the Trump lifestyles to the citizens of this truly global metropolis,” he said in 2014.

Reason 5:

Indian immigrants to the US have taken away American jobs, especially in the tech sector, are standard rhetoric delivered during election campaigns. Never to be followed later once the designate is in the White House. Even if there are many aspects of xenophobia with Trump’s many actions, it is unlikely he would disturb status quo as there are just not enough ‘white’ Americans with relevant tech skillsets.

No wonder therefore that BVR Mohan Reddy Former Chairman of NASSCOM and Founder & Executive Chairman , Cyient remarked,“We congratulate President-elect Trump on his historic victory and look forward to working with him and his administration to advance our two nations’ shared interests. Contrary to some misperceptions and political rhetoric, India’s IT sector has long contributed to the U.S. economy in more ways than one. Besides making U.S. companies more efficient and competitive, Indian IT companies have helped U.S. companies develop new technologies and new products time and time again, significantly benefiting those companies, their customers, American job growth, and the U.S. economy. Thus we hope that, as the rhetoric of the U.S. presidential contest fades into the past, the Trump administration will make mutually beneficial trade with India a high priority, and will take a balanced approach to high-skilled visas and the contribution of India’s IT sector to the US economy.”

Reason 6:

On immigration, though Trump has spoken about ending the H-1B high-skilled visa program of which Indians are among the biggest beneficiaries (especially the IT sector), but has also said he would create opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs and students.

Reason 7:

Laissez-faire will prevail, no doubt. it is perhaps safe to assume that given the progress made over the last few years – a close and comfortable working-level relation between the two governments and militaries, the presence of the Indian-American community, and several areas of natural economic and strategic convergence – would ensure a degree of continuity in Indo-US relations that will withstand any change in leadership.

Reason 8:

From a purely political perspective on Pakistan, one state ment that got attention in India related to his view on the subcontinent. “Pakistan is semi-unstable. We have a little bit of a good relationship. I think I’d try and keep it,” Trump said in April. “If you look at India and some of the others, maybe they’ll be helping us out.” This is interpreted by some analysts as a signal that he would side with India against Pakistan.

Reason 9:

Enemy’s enemy is always your friend. Trump has persistently criticized China, describing it as one of the US’s top adversaries particularly when it comes to economic policy. He said he would label China a currency manipulator, crack down on hacking, and impose steep tariffs if China doesn’t agree to rewrite trade agreements.

Reason 10:

As far as political relations with India is concerned, a thumb rule that foreign policy analysts tend to go by is that a Republican incumbent in the White house is better for India than a Democrat. Indeed some of the major diplomatic milestones such as the nuclear deal during the Bush-Manmohan regime were struck during a Republican presidency.

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