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While working with SQL Server databases, if you often find the database

performance sluggish, it could be due to bad coding of procedures or incorrectly

set database variables. Here's a tool that can analyze SQL database instances

and help you in removing bottlenecks that cause the slow down. The tool monitors

SQL Server's hardware utilization rate and performance through parameters such

as CPU, memory and I/O sub systems, and correlates system utilization with user

connections and SQL code.


It has an agent that accesses the SQL Server instance once in every 5

minutes, keeping the footprint at a low level. The agent captures the

performance counters, which are subsequently saved. Collected data is then sent

to Teratrax main console for further analysis in the form of charts and reports.

Teratrax exports these at any time using an easy-to-understand user interface.

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IT managers

Price: Rs 11,000 approx for one server instance

USP: Identify bottlenecks in MS-SQL code

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Google Keywords: SQL performance tuning

The tool can be installed on a host machine, where you have SQL server

running. You can even install it on a remote machine and connect it to your SQL

server instance. Download it from

Please note that this tool runs only on MS-SQL 2000 and above versions. Install

it on a Windows based machine and restart.


Configure agents

To monitor entire SQL instances, you first need to configure the Monitoring
Agent on remote machines running SQL. This agent fetches data from the database

and forwards it for analysis to the Teratrax console. Run Monitoring Agent 3.0

from Start menu, where under General tab you need to give the names of SQL

instances. Once the agent is connected, you can monitor each and every move of

your SQL database.

Using Teratrax Performance Viewer

Launch the Teratrax Performance Viewer from the Start menu. This will open a
console that's divided in two parts-on the left you will get the Server

Explorer, while on the right you will get the performance gauge in the form of


The elements that consume more time in your SQL code are easily identified and rectified using Teratrax Performance Monitor

To check performance, you have to connect the Viewer to the Monitoring Agent.

For this select the SQL instance and you can see the performance of the database

on the right panel. The tool also lets you create performance reports in the

form of a Web page.