Tweaking Vista for Performance

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As compared to XP, a lot offeaturesin Vista require a little more effort

before they can be accessed. For eg, if you want to change the screen

reso-lution, you need an extra mouse click on the 'Personalization' option.

Startdockprovides you with a user friendly tool called 'Tweak Vista' that can be

used by both novices and experts. Using this tool you can configure Vista

security in a few easy-to-understand steps. It provides four dif-ferent options

to configure your system for optimum Internet connectivity, depending on whether

it's a low-end or a high-end machine. Then there's a SMARTGuardutility that

automatically monitors, ana-lyzes and provides reports on the perform-ance of

your system. Unlike other tools, it automatically prompts you about system

enhancements to keep your system run-ning smoothly. Let's take a look at some of

the interesting tweaks that can be done.

The 'Services' utility lets you

optimize your system for playing games, running office applications. It even

lets you optimize Vista to be used as a server
Unlike Task Manager, this

utility gives a very comprehensive view of resources used by applications,

which includes the amount of RAM, CPU and other resources being used
Using the in-built Vista

assessment utility, you can compare your system's performance with that of

other systems using Tweak Vista on the network
You can calculate the amount of

power consumed by each component on your computer in a year. You even get

detailed statistics for each processing core in your system

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