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Ubuntu 13.10 is a ubuntu first stable touch release for phones and also brings a few small improvements to desktop Linux OS.The most eye catching change is comprehensive web search in the Dash called ” Smart Scopes”.

Some New Fetaures listed below:

Kernel: 3.11 RC5

Desktop interface: Unity 7. Unity Touch will be arriving in Ubuntu 14.04, but Ubuntu 13.10 will continue with the current implementation of Unity. There will be plenty of bug fixes and some new features added.

Smart Scopes: The Dash searches in various locations for results; the locations include your desktop, external drives,, and more. But with Smart Scopes, the results will come from 100 different locations. Here are just a few Smart Scopes locations:

Chromium bookmarks
Dev Help
Files and folders
Google Drive
Compiz: A ‘trunk’ version of Compiz, called Compiz 0.9.10, will include a number of patches and performance tweaks that should make the desktop much faster and smoother.

Locally Integrated Menus: Locally Integrated Menus are sort of a hybrid between the HUD and standard menus — a drop-down menu that resides on the Panel (for maximized windows) and in the window decoration (for un-maximized windows).

Video driver changes:

The following video driver changes may arrive in 13.10:

Nvidia Optimus support
Nvidia Prime support
Radeon UVD support
RadeonSI support
Proper touch screen support
Software changes:

 Firefox as the default browser.
LibreOffice 4.1 will be the default office suite
Rhythmbox will be the default music player
Thunderbird will be the default email client
Another feature that may arrive in Saucy is “Click Packages.” This is primarily aimed at developers to make it easier for them to get their Ubuntu packages with no dependencies between applications, no maintainer scripts, and each app will be installed in its own directory.


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