Has Ubuntu 20.04 Finally Come Far Enough to Take on Windows? It Sure Seems Like It

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Microsoft Windows has become the default operating system on Laptops and PC. So much so that Laptops now come with Windows pre-installed. Previously it used to be the case that many laptop manufacturers used to offer their products with no operating system or DOS. Since Windows 10 came into the world everything changed. You can run Windows 10 for free and get all the updates as well and without using any cracked versions. One could even argue that Microsoft went the Google route with Windows. So is windows better now or not?


Well, it certainly seems that offering your product for free does come with a few compromises. One of the biggest ones is the compromise on Privacy. Most people are just average users who buy a machine and just use it without reading the terms of service and don’t tinker around with the settings. So is it worth it to use Windows still? The answer depends from one person to another but most users will argue that Windows has a polished UI and as a ton of support and software that will run flawlessly on the OS. That aspect of the argument is true if you are a content creator or video editor but if you are a developer or just a tech nerd then it might not be the case. 


Ever since the release of Ubuntu 20.04, there is not much you can’t do on the platform. Now ubuntu even supports drivers for AMD Ryzen processors and has a more intuitive user experience. Ubuntu 20.04 may be the most polished OS by Canonical since it’s initial release. Now you can even play AAA games like GTA V and many more on Ubuntu 20.04. Another reason why Ubuntu 20.04 is a better OS than Windows for “techies” is because of the amount of customization you can do in the OS. Like Android, Ubuntu is based on Linux which is open source and has a huge level of customization options. Most of the programs like Chrome, Steam, Firefox you name it run on Ubuntu 20.04. 


Now when it comes to its real strength, Ubuntu 20.04 is a perfect OS for laptops or computers that are running on older specifications. It is extremely lightweight when compared to Windows and the best part is that Ubuntu has a huge community that is very friendly and welcoming to new users. So in case you do run into a problem then don’t worry. Help is just a Google search away.  

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