Ulead PhotoExpress 3 Gold

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software is great for adding special effects to pictures. It has a user-friendly

interface that’s fun to work with. The software can do wonders to your

personal snapshots. You can even see yourself hand-in-hand with your favorite

celebrity, be it Hrithik Roshan or Julia Roberts. We’ve given a fully

functional 30-day trial version of this software on the accompanying PCQ CD.


The software has three parts–album, photo, and project. The

first is self-explanatory–you can create an electronic photo album with your

photographs, the second is your main work area, while the third lets you create

your own projects–you can create visiting cards, greeting cards, etc. The

package supports popular image formats like BMP, JPG, TIF, etc. However,

unfortunately, it doesn’t support GIF. You can get files from various

locations including your PC, video camera, scanner, digital camera, etc.

In the main Photo work area, there are six categories–Adjust,

Selection, Text, Paint, Effects, and Decorate. Each has further sub-categories

to choose from. So, you can choose Adjust>Auto Enhance to straighten or crop

an image, or change its brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation.

You can play around with text using the Text category. For

example, you can add or edit text, reshape, or apply special effects such as 3D,

Shadow, and Transform. The Special F/X sub-category has 14 innovative text

patterns like glass, metal, emboss, etc. The Effects category contains some

interesting options like crumpling an image as if it were fabric or even

converting it to look like a pencil drawing. Selection lets you trim the

photograph, while you can use the various brushes in Paint to paint inside your

snapshot. You can frame your photograph through the Decorate category.

A lot of effects can be further fine-tuned using advanced

settings at the right bottom of the interface. You can even do morphing between

two photographs. You can print in various forms such as posters, T-shirts, or

even thumbnails. You can make a calendar, or create a slide show. Other features

include creating personal greeting cards and screensavers.

Ankur Saxena