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Version 10 of Untangle has a lot of great new features. The entire underlying operating system received an upgrade, the networking layer has been completely rewritten, and nearly every single application was modified and improved.Untangle HTTPS Inspector allows for full decryption of HTTPS so that applications like Web Filter, Application Control and Virus Blocker can scan the traffic and apply their rules to it. This enables organizations to ensure that the same level of control that Untangle exerted on non-encrypted HTTP traffic can also be in place with encrypted HTTPS traffic.With Untangle 10.0, network interfaces can now be configured with IPv6 addresses. Wide Area Networks (WANs) can be configured statically or with stateless address autoconfiguration (SLAAC). Non-WAN addresses are configured statically. Router advertisement is allowed on non-WANs.
Untangle 10.0 also supports virtual local area networks via 802.1q tagging, improving Untangle’s VLAN support. These 802.1q tagged interfaces are custom “alias interfaces” that appear just like physical interfaces but only handle traffic with the appropriate 802.1q tag. Any packets sent on this alias also get the appropriate 802.1q can’t upgrade directly from Utangle 9 to version 10 .So, you need a fresh installation of Utangle 10.0.

Some new features:

New app! HTTPS Inspector
New networking layer
IPv6 configurability
802.1q tagged alias (VLAN tagging) support
Simpler and more powerful NAT implementation
Better PPPoE support


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