Upgrade Zoom Now: Security Alert by Government

Upgrade Zoom Now: Security Alert by Government How to save zoom account from being hacked and upgrade now for alarming security reasons.

Preeti Anand
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Upgrade Zoom Now: Security Alert by Government

Government officials urge users to upgrade Zoom immediately because of several major security issues. Zoom and the government have uncovered three vulnerabilities. However, the problems have an impact on Zoom's MMR On-Premise Meeting Connector. The administration brought the subject up on September 19 and asked to update Zoom now.


What are the security issues that Zoom is facing?

The video conferencing platform Zoom has been found to have several security weaknesses, and the government is urging users to upgrade the system right away. For instance, the Zoom flaws allow remote attackers to join a meeting without being seen by the other attendees, said the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), which deals with cyber security concerns. Moreover, there is a security alert by the government to update Zoom.

Can a Zoom room get hacked?


Hackers can "create additional meeting disruptions" if they manage to hack a system and obtain audio and video feeds from a meeting they weren't allowed to attend. They could also access confidential business data discussed during the audio or video chat. The danger level has been labelled as "medium" by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology organisation.

Three security flaws are known as 





According to the video conferencing platform, on-premise installations enable businesses to set up virtual meeting connector computers inside their corporate network. Parties can hold meetings on a "private cloud" using the technology. On the other hand, the authorities brought the matter up on September 19, and Zoom issued the same caution on September 13.


How to prevent hacking on Zoom?

The government recommends that users upgrade Zoom on their computers to the most recent version to ensure security. To be on the safe side, users may also keep their mobile apps updated. 

1)Log in to the Zoom desktop 


2)Click your profile image 

3)Check for Updates to upgrade Zoom on Windows, macOS, or Linux. 

The most recent version will be downloaded and installed by Zoom if one is available. Therefore, check out the most recent versions of apps for smartphones on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

What will happen if your Zoom account gets hacked?

After identifying many vulnerabilities, CERT-In has also suggested users upgrade their desktop versions of Google Chrome. If the problem is not resolved, hackers may circumvent security restrictions, run arbitrary code, or impose a rejection of service on the targeted system according to the cyber security warning.