UPS with a new USP

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New Update

The unpredictable face of computing has yet another manifestation–UPSs without batteries. US-based Acumentrics (www. has introduced its range of Power-Queue UPSs of 100 kVA, 175 kVA, and 250 kVA, which use a composite flywheel energy storage system, instead of the conventional lead-acid batteries. 


The UPSs can provide backup power protection to all the machines at a particular site. Because they don’t have batteries, they weigh one-tenth of conventional battery-based UPSs with the same VA rating, and need only one-third the footprint. The Power-Queue has power factor correction–that is, it delivers stable power–and can be used with generators, as it can handle frequency fluctuations in the mains power supply. 

In a flywheel-based energy storage system, energy is stored in the inertia of a high-speed, rotating composite wheel made of carbon fiber. When energy is required, the integrated generator and power electronics of the Power-Queue system converts the wheel’s inertia into electricity. The Power-Queue’s USP is its ability to provide very large pulses of electric power from a small lightweight package.

Moreover, it’s built with environmentally safe materials and can be completely recycled. 

The application of flywheel-based energy storage is not restricted to the UPSs introduced by the company. It can be integrated into industrial machinery, medical devices, and generators. 

According to the company, these UPSs will be available for shipment in the second quarter of this year. The 250 kVA UPS is priced at (list price) about $100,000.