User Query: Making a Tv Smart


Sonam Yadav
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Q- I have a Sony HD tv, however, it is not a smart tv. Is there some device available which I can plug into the tv’s USB or HDMI port which can convert it into a smart tv so that content from a Bluetooth laptop or an iPhone can be viewed and heard, streaming of movies made possible and so on?


- Biren

A: Portronics Pandora and Teewe 2 are two devices that can be connected through HDMI port. Both devices work on the same lines using their own Wi-Fi network and allow you to cast your smartphone screen on the TV. Another option is the RDP PlugPC. It converts your TV into a PC, so you can browse the Internet and do various other tasks just as you would on a PC.

- Ashok Pandey, CyberMedia Labs

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