User Query: The best gaming system

The best gaming system

Sonam Yadav
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Q-  I am not a regular gamer but am more into multimedia i.e. movies, music - DJ software, DVD playing, and of course surfing the internet and working on MS Office. However in terms of Gaming I do have a decent amount of collection of discs ranging from the Max Payne series to Prince of Persia to Far Cry and the Batman Arkham series of games which do have quite a lot of graphical detailing; out of which I have played a few on my present laptop (ASUS K42JA). I want to purchase a gaming system between 30-50k, however only if justified I could look into stretching this budget a bit more.


- Shashank

A: As per your requirement and budget, you can setup a good desktop gaming PC. You can choose Intel Core i5 processor, with 4 GB of RAM. Also, include 4 GB Nvidia GPU in the machine so that it can handle any graphic intensive game or software easily. Choose SSD to install OS and HDD for additional storage space. This should help your cause.

- Ashok Pandey, CyberMedia Labs

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