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Despite it being a crowded category, Panasonic takes the top slot, followed by Sony in both 100-499 and 500+ segments.

It’s a new category, and a crowded one at that, in which there are nine major players competing against one another. Panasonic is the unanimous leader in both 100-499 employees and 500-999 employees segments, with Sony placed a close second.

In the 100-499 segment, Sony emerges the second best with 90 per cent index score, followed by Epson and Sharp. The other segment is no different, as all the top four players retain their respective spots. Optoma, Hitachi, Acer, NEC and Dell form the rest of the club with lesser current ownership figures.

As for satisfaction to users, Panasonic has been rated 4.3 out of 5 by its users, whereas Sony, Epson and Sharp got 4.2 in the 100-499 segment. While current and potential future users of Panasonic rate it highly for its product quality, Sony gets the second highest percent of votes. Sony, however, has to look into its after-sales support and service, which has drawn a zilch from its users, if it has to make a significant stride in the segment.

About 62.5% of SMB users have indicated that they might pick Panasonic as their projector brand in future, and 41.2% of Sony’s users have voted for its brand value. Panasonic and Sony hold a brand loyalty figure of 88%, as compared to Sharp’s 100% and Epson’s 90%.

In the 500+ segment, Panasonic again ranks high for its quality of products and service at 56.7%, and Sharp offers a better after-sales support and service at 25%. A majority of the respondents (60%) felt that Panasonic might be their future brand for its quality, and 42.9% said that Sharp’s support and service would make a difference to their needs.

Hitachi leads the brand loyalty chart with 100%, with Panasonic at 93% and Sony at 90%. About 3% each of Panasonic users indicted that they might shift out to Hitachi and Sony, while 10% of Sony users are not sure about which brand to opt for next.

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