Valorant Game Guide: How Can Beginners Ace the Game of Aims

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Valorant has been immensely popular since it was launched for gamers. The game that picks its elements from CS: GO but with a lot of improvements and refreshments, has been addictive for a lot of players across the globe. The rising popularity of the game invites more and more players to be a part of it every day. However, the game is not as simple as it looks in videos and streams. The game is all about aiming and killing the enemy, with guns, or your special abilities. This Valorant game guide will help you understand the aiming part of the game and how you can get better at aiming.

Choice of Gun

There are not a lot of guns in Valorant, however, the choice of the gun still plays a major role in helping you aim better. Every gun has recoil and therefore, it is best if you start out with semi-automatic or single-fire guns. This will help you stabilize your control according to the mechanism of the game and additionally help you make a shift to the more powerful guns in the game. Every gun, except for the snipers, have recoiled in the game. Spending time in the training area is also a good drill, but knowing about the gun is always better. Guns like the Vandal have more recoil than guns like Spectre. Therefore, it is best to start with guns with lower recoil and then move ahead to guns with higher power and recoil.

Sensitivity Settings

Not a lot of beginner players realize this, but sensitivity plays a major role in making or breaking your aim. Every player should adjust the sensitivity according to themselves. This is something very personal to every player, and sensitivity settings should not be copied. You should try all the guns and then decide on a sensitivity that will enhance your aim as well as precision in the match.

Crosshair Size and Placement

In Valorant, it is all about connecting as many headshots as possible. This is made possible with the right crosshair size and placement. The crosshair size should be adjusted by you. This should be a size that makes it easier for you to shoot the head of the enemies and pick a kill. The placement of the crosshair should always be on the head level so that you do not have to adjust it whenever an enemy comes in front of you.

Valorant is a competitive game, but this Valorant game guide will help you get better at aiming, giving you time to focus on the other aspects of the game.

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