Valorant Mobile Is Coming Soon, Will It Replace PUBG Mobile?

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When Valorant released its Patch 1.08 it created a huge buzz and for a good reason. For the first time, we got a look at real stuff on a Mobile port of the game. There was a real chance of the world getting a Valorant Mobile. Data miners went through the Valorant Patch 1.08 with a fine comb and found a new line of code. This in tandem with the fact that Riot games are trying to enter the mobile gaming market created a huge splash in the gaming community as a whole. The code that data miners found in Valorant Patch 1.08 basically said that there is a future touch-based input Valorant is coming.

Valorant is not the only game that Riot Games is planning to release on mobile platforms. Respawn games are also planning to bring Apex Legends on mobile and we already have both CODM and PUBGM. Mobile gaming and esports seem to what all of these developers are targeting. Mobile gaming is an untapped market regardless of what many people say. In countries like India, mobile gaming is now becoming even bigger than console gaming and PC gaming combined.

Even Valorant Game Director Joe Ziegler has confirmed that there is a real possibility of the world getting a Valorant mobile soon. Riot Games has already released two mobile games up till now. One is called Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game and the other is called Legends of Runeterra. There is also a third and more popular title League of Legends: Wild Rift that is to launch soon as well. It is easy to see that Riot Games has seen the true potential of the mobile gaming market and is now gearing up to rule it as well.

Valorant Release Date:

The game was released on 2 June 2020 and as of now is available only on Windows. Riot games have not released the game yet on any console as well. The latest upcoming patch is Patch 1.11 which will bring a new agent called Skye. You can download Valorant from here.

Valorant Minimum and Recommended PC Requirements:

Thankfully Valorant is not a heavy game like COD Warzone or Apex Legends. Even a potato PC with almost barebones specifications can run the game with ease. At the bare minimum, your PC should be running on Windows with an Intel i3 or above to make the game playable but to actually play the game you will need a dedicated GPU or graphics card at the very least. For laptops even the Nvidia MX 150 is more than enough to play the game with ease. If you are on a PC then using an AMD Ryzen processor is more than enough unless you are on Intel platform. If you are then get an older graphics card.

Valorant Rank System Explained:

This game has probably one of the best ranking systems we have seen on an FPS game in a long time. In the image above you can see that there are eight ranks starting from Iron going all the to Radiant. In that ranking system, there are sub ranks as well. So players move from Iron Rank 1 to Iron Rank 2 to Iron Rank 3 before starting Bronze Rank 1 and so forth. That is until you reach the Radiant rank. Radiant is the highest rank in Valorant and there is no sub rank under it and no rank beyond it.

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