Virtualization, cloud and the COVID-19 crisis #TechTalk

Sunil Rajguru
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Global CIO of Evalueserve, Sachin Jain, and Anuj Joshi, Vice President Information Technology, talk about how they deal with various crises; their virtualization and data journey along with tips for enterprises during COVID-19.


According to Sachin Jain, “One of the key requirements in our business is to continue delivering our services to the client. Most of the contracts carry this clause around business continuity, security, and that’s very very important for our business and all our investments in the technology and some of the innovations we have worked on in the past had to have a component of delivering services which are always available and secure. VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is something which has worked very well for us in various situations. VDI is something which people can access anytime anywhere on any device. All our data centres globally are virtualized.”

“When we talk of digital transformation, any application or any new product we develop, we try to have that in the cloud first. Whenever there is any demand for any additional compute or any infrastructure, we look at the cloud first. The cloud is going to stay here for long and it has become a sort of necessity for many organizations. It gives you speed it gives you performance, it gives you scalability. You can scale up and scale down as you want. You don’t have to worry about obsolescence of any software or hardware.”

“Look at the cloud how the journey starts. The first is lift and shift. The next step is to start optimizing so that your application or your workload is cloud ready. Then come governance and cost management. These are the three stages.”


Added Anuj Joshi, “When it comes cloud; there has to be a very clear cut demarcation between public, private and hybrid cloud. Not everything I would want to be on public cloud, not everything I would want to be on private cloud. Everything cannot be on hybrid also.”

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