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BufferZone provides security by running applications in a virtualized
environment. If you execute a malware-infected application from an unknown
source, then only the virtual environment gets infected and not the whole
system. Moreover, the virtual environment can be easily cleaned with just a few
clicks. It allows programs running in a virtual environment to read from the
registry and file system. If a program attempts to modify a file or registry,
then BufferZone copies the file to a different area on the disk so that the read
and write operations are performed on the duplicate file. This process is
invisible to application as well as the user, so the application starts treating
the duplicate file as the original file.

BufferZone also provides e-mail Attachment protection. Here, e-mail programs
do not run inside BufferZone’s virtual environment, but when attachments from
the Email Client are opened, BufferZone automatically intercepts them and opens
the attachment inside its virtual environment. BufferZone doesn’t detect or
clean malware. It only executes them in an isolated environment so that your
desktop remains protected.

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Applies To: Desktops
and laptops
Run apps in a virtualized environment
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How to use?
Installing BufferZone is simple. Once installed, it appears in your system
tray. To define rules for BufferZone: from its main menu go to Configuration,
click on ‘Confidential files and folders’ to define the locations which are not
accessible to programs running in BufferZone. A new Window pops-up, click on Add
button and browse to file or folder which you want to shield. To define Trusted
programs go to Advance Rules option, select the Trusted tab and click on Add
tab, then browse to the location where the application is installed to ensure
that the application always runs out of BufferZone. Similarly in Advance rules
you can also define which applications running outside it can interact with apps
running inside BufferZone and e-mail clients whose attachments should be opened
in virtual environment.

Once you have configured BufferZone, you can run the installed programs
inside its virtual environment, or choose to install an app inside BufferZone.
For instance, to install a Mozilla Firefox app inside BufferZone right click on
the setup of Firefox and the option ‘Open in BufferZone’ from the context menu.
When the setup starts you will notice a red border around the setup window,
which confirms that the program is running in virtualized environment. After you
finish the installation, Firefox will automatically start in BufferZone’s
virtualized environment.

Now while you browse the Web, all cookies and Web pages get stored in the
virtual environment. If a malicious website tries to install a spyware on your
machine or run a script, it will be executed in BufferZone’s virtual

In BufferZone you can run
multiple programs simuntaneously in its virtual enviornment and see summary
of apps running and threats prevented in its main console

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