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announced a new database provisioning and operations solution called
the vFabric Data Director, at its mega conference, VMWorld 2011.
Designed to deliver database as a service for enterprises, the
product allows IT to control and manage the growing set of
heterogeneous databases through policy-based automation, while
streamlining application development via a self-service provisioning
model for developers to rapidly access the database services needed
for modern applications. The product is built on VMware vSphere, and
extends the benefits of a virtualized infrastructure to the database

are increasingly challenged to manage the significant growth of data
needed for modern applications while supporting critical application
development initiatives,” said Tod Nielsen, Co- President,
Application Platform, VMware. “Today, VMware is advancing its
ongoing cloud application platform strategy by delivering innovative
data access and management services that more efficiently serve
today’s applications and establish a foundation for next
generation, cloud era applications.”

Provisioning and Operations

exponential growth in data to support applications, enterprises
increasingly suffer from “database sprawl”, the proliferation of
under-managed, under-secured and even unknown databases across the
organization. Manual operations for this growing set of databases
restrict the ability of developers to rapidly access and provision
data services for their applications. vFabric Data Director is meant
to establish a policy driven model for driving consistent security,
data protection and resource consumption across an enterprise’s
database portfolio. Automating routine database operations via
standardized policies and best practices will enable database
administrators to focus on higher value initiatives while laying the
foundation for a self-service database model for developers.
Developers can leverage vFabric Data Director for self-service
web-based access to a broad range of database services to serve their
specific needs.

Data Director also extends the benefits of virtual infrastructure to
the database tier, reducing operating costs through automation of
database provisioning, backup, restore, cloning and monitoring. The
vFabric Data Director integrates with resource management
capabilities in vSphere so as to optimize resource utilization and
reduce overall operating costs.

it easier for Tier 3’s Enterprise Cloud customers to manage the
complexities of their data is core to our Database as a Service
strategy,” said Jared Wray, Founder and CTO, Tier 3. “VMware
vFabric Data Director overcomes many of the challenges our customers
face in moving to self-service databases in the cloud and represents
a real step forward in technology that empowers Database as a

Postgres Relational Database, Optimized for VMware vSphere

first database supported on Data Director is VMware vFabric Postgres,
a new offering from VMware based on and fully compatible with
PostgreSQL. Fully ACID and ANSI-SQL compliant, PostgreSQL is an
enterprise class database, with a long history of mission-critical
customer adoption and support from a vibrant open source community.

has also completed specific optimizations of vFabric Postgres for the
vSphere environment. vFabric Postgres’ elastic database memory
dynamically adapts to changing workloads to achieve greater memory
efficiency and higher consolidation ratios. Dynamic checkpoint tuning
and the ability to automatically match VM parameters for optimal
performance and resource usage further establish vFabric Postgres as
an optimal database choice for vSphere environments.


Data Director will be available for download in Q3 2011 at a list
price of
per virtual machine for databases managed by vFabric Data Director.
Postgres is available in conjunction with vFabric Data Director free
of charge for non-production use and $1700 per virtual machine for
production use.

Postgres is also now available on


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