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Tips for New Players of Garena Free Fire. Looting is essential in Garena Free Fire. Garena Free Fire settings for new and casual players.

Sushant Rohan Singh
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Garena Free Fire Mistakes

Ever played Garena Free Fire and lost the match in 5 minutes of playing the game. Chances are you’re doing something that many players call “noob moves”. These are mistakes that many new and casual players make in the match that PRO players go out of their way to avoid. Garena Free Fire is a battle royal game and in like any battle royal game on mobile, this game too depends on its unique mechanics while having some elements that are similar across the battle royal genre. Now the thing is that most new players or players who are just playing the game casually in their free time and not pushing rank are always at a disadvantage when they encounter a PRO player.


Pushing rank in the game is the one thing you will see every seasoned player do in Free Fire. Pro players will always have an advantage over casual players since they spend a lot more time in the game. So to help casual and new players in the game, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that can make a huge difference in your gameplay. This list of tips and tricks is only for Free Fire and not for any other game.

Tips for New Players of Garena Free Fire:

  • Looting: Looting is essential in Garena Free Fire. It may very well be the deciding factor of the game. Look at any Free Fire streamer and you will see how much time they spend in getting the right weapon and looting airdrops. Here is something that you should know about looting. Never ever loot in the open. Always use some sort of cover or gloo wall when you are looting in Free Fire. If you are just standing in the open and looting a dead player then you will be just a target for other players in the area. Use movement and cover to protect yourself. 
  • Claw Controls: This is something that almost every pro player or seasoned player uses in Garena Free Fire. Claw control is where you use your hands in a claw-like fashion to play the game. There are tons and tons of videos on how to do three or four finger claw in Free Fire. Using claw control lets you use more fingers than just your two-thumbs. You will be surprised at the amount of difference just using one more finger can make.
  • Aiming: Now here is the most important part of Garena Free Fire settings for new and casual players. Go in the settings of the game and then go to controls. There is an aim precision option given in it. Set that to default. By setting it to default it will act as an aim assist. You will be able to land more shots on opponents easily and even headshots will become easier with this setting. This is a must for new players until they fully grasp the aiming in the game. 
  • Sensitivity Settings: A lot has been said about it but settings are an important part of Garena Free Fire. Each phone is different and so is the playing style of each player. So if you have a smartphone with only 2GB or 3GB of RAM then set the sensitivity setting to the max. Otherwise, set your sensitivity settings according to your play style. This will need some practice and time but if you do it successfully then your gameplay will improve by a huge margin. 
  • Avoid Unnecessary Moves: Many players make the mistake of doing moves like drag headshots and jump shots too many times even after they miss it the first time. If you keep doing the same move then your opponent will get wise to it and start predicting you moves in the game. So when you miss the first time then try some other move or change positions immediately in the game to throw your opponents off their game. 

These are some tips that can help you in your next match of Garena Free Fire. There are other guides and tips that are also available in our other posts that you can go through. These tips are to only give players an idea of how they can implement new moves to improve their skills in the game.