Want to stream your Xbox One games to Windows 10 PC: Here is how to do it

Here is how you can stream your Xbox One games to Windows 10 PC. With the help of companion app and you have to follow some easy steps for streaming.

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One of the most popular and powerful gaming consoles is the Microsoft’s Xbox One. And as an added feature, the Xbox One is compatible to Windows 10 PCs too, which means you can stream Xbox One games directly onto your PC.


You should keep in mind that its only possible when the Xbox One console and your Windows 10 PC are on the same network. You can use the Xbox console companion app. Here is how to do it.

Its highly likely that the Xbox console companion app is already installed, if you are using a Windows 10 PC. The companion app was earlier called as the Xbox app. If it’s not in your installed app library, you can download the app from the Microsoft Store.

Once installed, click to open the app, then on the prompt, sign in with your Microsoft account (which is also your Xbox account).


After you have signed in, tap the menu button which is located at the top left-hand side of the Xbox Console Companion app window. Click ‘Connection’ from the list.

Click on to ‘Add a device’ present in the top-middle of the app window. The app will then search for an Xbox One console in your network. Click ‘Connect’ after you have find your console.

In case you console is not shown, enter the IP address of your console in the appropriate field. If you don’t know your console’s IP, you can locate in by opening up the settings menu on the console, then clicking on ‘Network’ then to ‘Network settings’  and then to ‘Advanced Settings.’

Once connected, your console will be visible under the ‘Now Playing’ section in the Xbox Console Companion app. Simply click on it and then your PC will show a direct feed from your Xbox One.