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Space research is a wonderful area. You are at the cutting-edge of knowledge. 

And, you can use the knowledge you garner for the benefit of all mankind. Or, to sow the seeds of massive destruction.

Take the case of satellite imaging. Today’s best satellites can give a resolution of less than half a meter. Many satellites out there can do under a meter. On the one side, you can do things like natural resources and the precise mapping of forests. You can also monitor traffic on motorways and do better traffic planning. The same cameras can also distinguish between fighter planes parked wing-tip to wig-tip, or make out whether a train moving to the border is loaded with missiles or with food grain.

The GPS system that can help us ascertain our location and navigate us to our destination has its origins in a satellite-based system created to help missiles navigate to their target with unerring accuracy.

The satellite cover above us that provide us with our television signals can be extended to provide a platform for weapons of mass or concentrated destruction to be based in outer space.

Truly, what we can do in space is limited only by our imagination. And the dividing line between constructive and destructive uses is very, very thin, indeed.

Tread carefully, gentle reader, tread carefully.

Krishna Kumar

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