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Price: Free
Key Specs: Supports Android and iOS, paperless man-agement of documents, alerts.
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What’s the first thing you’d look for if your laptop breaksdown? I’ll try to find out if it is still in warranty and to es-tablish this I would start searching for my purchase bill, whichmore often than not shall be difficult to trace. We often forget tokeep track of our receipts and even if we do manage, it turns outto be messy with too much of paperwork. Additionally, we also for-get to renew our warranty or insurance which often means a pol-icy lapse or extra payment as penalty. To overcome these issues,Warrantify provides a smart solution, so the next time you haveany document that needs timely notification, you can simply usethe Warrantify app from your smartphone or tablet. The best partis that this app is free of cost on both Android and Apple markets.To use this app go to the preferredapp market and download War-rantify app on your smart device.We tested this app on an Androidtablet (it runs on Android 2.1and later versions). Once in-stalled, just start this app and cre-ate a login profile for the first time. Once you’ve opened the app,click on the scan icon. This would start the camera. Now simplyclick a snap of your document and fill in the details about the doc-ument including the notification period. Once this is done, war-ranty details along with a snap of your document would be storedonline and alert notifications would be sent to you in advance viaemail and SMS. Besides, you can get all information already storedfrom anywhere by visiting the Warrantify website.

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BOTTOMLINE: A free application that provides timely alertsof about-to-expire warranties and insurance policies.

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