Ways To Boost Your Internet Speed At Home

There are multiple ways to boost your internet speed at home, but not a lot of people know about it. Here are some ways that you should try.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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Boost Your Internet Speed

The internet has become a lifeline of the digital world as well as the working world. Covid-19 Pandemic has forced everyone to rely heavily on the internet to get their work done. This newly found load sometimes results in the internet speed lagging and feeling slow. However, there are a few ways in which you can boost the speed of your internet and get the best performance out of it.


Check Your Cable

Cables play a major role in the speed of the internet. Whether you have a fibre connection or an RJ45 connection, the external cable connected to your router plays a part in that. You need to make sure that the cable is not bent or kinked from anywhere. A bend or a kink results in slow speeds and heavy loads. One should also keep the internet wire away from regular electrical wires, as that might affect the speeds as well.

Position Your Router Correctly


One main aspect of wireless connections is that the closer you are to the router, the faster speed you get. Make sure that you position the router in a place that is common for all the rooms and is equidistant. This will make sure that even the farthest corner of the house gets a stable speed. The height of the router also plays a role in providing good internet speed. Placing your router on a higher level or at a height will allow the waves to circulate better. If the router is placed on a lower surface, it will encounter multiple interruptions that might affect the speed. Mounting the router on the wall also maximizes the signals coming from the router, resulting in better speeds.

Stay Updated

People often forget that most router manufacturers push out regular updates to optimize the flow of signals. Therefore, it is important to keep checking the official website of your router manufacturer for regular updates and keep your router updated. An outdated router can result in low and reduced speeds for you. Changing the DNS can also result in better speeds and performance. You can try the DNS given below and see if it helps.



One more thing to keep in mind is that if you have a 2.4gHz router, it will give you better coverage, but a 5gHz router will give you better speeds. So the final decision rests with you.

Ethernet For the Win


Ethernet cables have the ability to provide better speeds when connected to a laptop or a computer. Wires connections are always faster than wireless connections. If you have the option, try using an Ethernet cable to access the internet. If you have a 100 Mbps connection, then you will get speeds ranging from 95-100Mbps most of the time. Wireless connections experience loss in signal and speed, so you might not get the best speeds.

Reset Your Router

People don't usually bother resetting the router. This can boost your internet speed and longevity of the router. Therefore, make sure you reset your browser quarterly. Adding to that, try using a good browser. If you are Microsoft Edge or Opera Mini browser, you might experience the speed lacking. Try using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and regularly clear the cache data of the browser. This might clear your passwords and user data, but it does enhance the speed.

Doing these things regularly can give you a good and stable internet speed for a long time. If you have any tips to boost your internet speed, make sure to drop a comment.