Web 3.0, the future of the Internet in the world

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Web 3.0, the future of the Internet in the world

Web 3.0 is the latest and new version of the internet world. It is a combination of AI, ML, and Blockchain technologies that aims to achieve human communications. In India, there is an expectation that Web3 will improve people's lives by contributing more jobs and to the country’s economy. The goal of Web 3.0 is to create an intelligent & open-internet space for all. Moreover, the decentralized interconnected data will be an added advantage here. It will engage both users and devices with data as well and provide a better internet experience for users.


The rising number of Web3 projects in India will pave the way for growth in Web 3.0 technology. In the coming days, Web 3.0 will change the phase of the digital economy of the country with the possibilities of the semantic web. More Indian entrepreneurs will succeed with the new regulatory reforms in Web 3.0 and the Crypto market.

The exchange of data will be more transparent and would be in a P2P environment between the devices and users. Ethereum Blockchain is laying the foundation for many upcoming Web 3.0 Applications. Data transfer and payments will be much faster than traditional methods and include greater accuracy. Hence, all these functionalities will prove that Web3 will transform the digital space of the Indian economy.

Upcoming employment opportunities in Web 3.0


Web 3.0, the next generation internet world has many job opportunities. There are many different profiles available in the Web3 technology space. The jobs like Web3 Developer, Blockchain Developer, Web 3.0 Engineer, etc. are a few profiles that Web3 experts would get. Right skills with practical knowledge in these areas will help to get paid higher in these profiles. Many IT companies including game development companies are hiring these people for developing a dedicated gaming environment.

People with near to 10 years of work ex can get paid higher than Rs. 70 Lakhs p.a. Also, there is an expectation that Web3 can help to contribute around 1 Trillion USD to the country’s total GDP. Major cities in India like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, etc. are hiring Crypto, and Web3 skilled people for their various projects.

So, employment opportunities will be more with the increasing projects and startups in the Web3 space. Need to develop certain skills in this regard to become job-ready in the new internet world.


Key roles for professionals aspiring to enter Web 3.0

The currently available and upcoming global Web 3.0 employment offers include: -

● Web 3.0 Developer


● Smart Contract Engineer

● Product Manager

● Blockchain Developer


● Web 3 Marketing Manager

● Crypto Research Analyst

● Web 3 Research Intern


● Front-end Web3 Developer

● Web3 Blockchain Developer

These are some of the many key roles & profiles that Web 3.0 professionals can expect to get into. Each role has different responsibility to execute with a certain set of skills. So, developing skills in the areas of programming, blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, dApps, etc. will help to get into those profiles.


Changes in the way students enter the tech space

Web3 allows the growth of user-generated content on a large scale with lots of changes. After the pandemic hit, the Indian tech system has been adjusted with the blockchain frameworks. This change will assist in the growth of the future digital economy. But still, there are many regulations to come in this regard in the country.

Further, this will emerge as a changing and growing trend within the country that will replace the existing learning system. This is contributing to the creation of new future employment. The Web3 space will also allow students and many content creators to earn revenue with their skills. This will be in the form of NFTs, cryptocurrency, etc.

Today, it became difficult to reskill the students in India with the existing infrastructure but the EdTech sector doing well. With the innovation of new technologies and methods, it become possible to adopt the e-learning methodology. The major aim of this innovation is to develop rural India with new learning methods so that students in rural regions can also utilize the resources to get a bright career.

Students willing to the tech space or Web3 world will need to develop certain skills relating to blockchain, web3, cryptocurrency, metaverse, etc. To fulfill the increasing demand for IT skills, the students need to enroll themselves in the major IT courses offered by various digital training institutions. There are many major institutions providing e-learning systems where any student can learn from the comfort of his/her home.

So, these students can change their future by e-learning and getting acquainted with the new tech skills.

Author: Harsh Bharwani, CEO & MD, Jetking Infotrain