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The company has developed WIOC lite project to leverage on the use of Indian
languages in the web space. The Solution aimed at promoting information
technology to Regional & Rural areas. WIOC—Lite is a JavaScript based component
that can be embedded within any web page.

This Unicode based Indian language input control solution provides hassle
free typing in 11 Indian languages with unique features like predictive help,
dictionaries and multiple keyboard layouts which help publishing language data
on web. It also supports language based search, context based search and lingual
data input in email and discussion forums. The solution supports all major
keyboard layouts like phonetic, Remington, in script etc and all commonly used
document formats. The solution has augmented use of Indian language on web and
resolved major problem of language input with some of the unique features like
predictive help to publish data on web. Solution has proved to be a useful tool
for all major stakeholders which compromise of Govt Bodies, Corporates,
Individuals and NGOs.

Project Head

Pankaj Jain
Chief Operating Officer

Project Specs

Deployment Location: Globally

Tech Used:

WIOC—Lite is developed as a light weight JavaScript based component that
facilitates text input in 11 Indian languages.

Internally it is built on top of the HTML
text area and can be embedded within any web page.

It is easily pluggable in Web-Based
applications developed in Java, ASP.NET, PHP and CGI/Perl

Implementation Partner
In house implementation

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