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WebShocker 1.0 lets you create Web animations on a Mac.
Accompanying the software is an extensive user guide that takes you through the basics of
animations and tells you all about the software. It also carries a number of packaged
animations that give you an incentive to be more creative.

Creating animations in WebShocker is fast and fairly easy.
For a new animation you can specify options like animation size, width, height, bit depth,
etc. The software opens up three windows–frame, paint, and playback–that help
you in making animations.
The  Animation Window Set of frame, paint, and playback windows makes it easy to create animations in WebShocker

The Frame window lets you manipulate individual frames that
make up your animation. You can cut, copy, and paste frames from one animation to another.
You can insert PICT, JPEG, GIF, etc, files into your animation. You can also set the frame
delay, that is, the time after which the frame will be replaced by the next one, in
centi-seconds. Reordering the frames is easy too.

The Paint window displays the frame that is currently
selected in the Frames window, and helps you create or edit individual frames. It has its
own set of paint tools and an attributes palette that lets you edit an image inserted in a
particular frame, or helps you create a new one. You can also add transformations, such as
rotation and scaling to all or just a part of the image. Its “Onion Skin”
feature lets you position your image with reference to the previous and/or next frame.

WebShocker 1.0 for Mac

Web animation software for
Mac. 30-day trial version on PCQ CD
Features: Provides an integrated environment to create, edit, and preview
Pros: Easy to use; detailed manual.
Cons: The Effects dialog takes a long time to come up.

The third window is used to preview or playback the
animation. Using this you can play or stop your animation. You can also play a particular
frame. As the animation plays the current frame number and the time elapsed is shown at
the bottom of the Playback window.

WebShocker has more than 20 transition effects, such as
push, slide, wipe, etc. With these you can generate an entire animation from just one or
two images. All you’ve to do is select the image and the effect you want to add to
it, and WebShocker will do the rest for you. The Effects dialog box takes quite some time
to come up.

By default, WebShocker saves your animation in its native
format. But it lets you export it in a variety of formats including GIF, Java Animation
(GIF and JPEG), etc. Your browser doesn’t require any plugins to view the animations
created in WebShocker.

WebShocker 1.0.2 is available from for $39.95. All in all, a
user-friendly tool that you would love to use.

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