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For the second time this year, and for the
fifth since 1996, PC Quest brings you a Linux CD. Our March 1999 edition was
successful beyond our wildest dreams, and we know that this one will better even that

Some people have asked us–“Why
does PC Quest throw its considerable weight behind Linux?”

The answer isn’t an easy one, but
we’ll try and explain.

Since the early 1980s, when the IBM PC and
the Apple Macintosh redefined computing as we knew it, computer users have changed
considerably–both in numbers and in profile. Today’s computer users no longer
see the PC as something magical or mystical, they see it as a necessary part of their
lives, both professionally and personally. The PC provides them an easier way to work, as
well as to relax and have fun.

But here in India, computing isn’t
always fun. Many a time, it’s sheer agony. The cost of computing in India is
tremendous–starting with the cost of the PC itself, which can be many times a
person’s monthly salary, to the cost of using it, which is nowadays primarily defined
by the cost of accessing the
Internet. Add to that the tremendous cost of software, and just staying abreast with the
latest in hardware and software–all these cost more in India than anywhere else in
the world. PC Quest can’t reduce these costs for you, apart from advising you
on your purchases and providing you information that’ll enable you to take a
well-guided decision.

However, through Linux, PC Quest has
been able to do something for its readers that goes way beyond the above. A PC running
Linux can actually remain useful for a much longer period of time than dictated by chip
and OS manufacturers, whose revenues depend on users constantly upgrading. By providing
Linux to its thousands of readers, PC Quest gives them a chance to prolong the life
of their PCs. And in a country like India, that means a lot.

India is a country with tremendous
computing potential–the world has recognized that. But this potential will be
realized only when more and more people gain access to computing resources. Given the cost
of computers, and the cost of development and networking software, it’s unlikely that
the American way of computing will work in India, not when the cost of a compiler is many
times the cost of the PC itself!

Linux is complete–it comes with just
about everything that you need to get going–whether it’s developing software,
networking, Web-surfing, word-processing, working on spreadsheets or presentations, or
just plain having fun playing games. And it runs on hardware that was termed obsolete
years ago–the kind of hardware that’s so common in India.

So why does PC Quest throw its
weight behind Linux? The answer is simple–because it’s good for our country.

Enjoy our latest Linux offering that
you’ll find on the accompanying CD. Feel free to experiment with it, and convince
yourself. And even if you aren’t convinced by its power, stability, speed and
security, there’s always the fact that your favorite computing publication is 100
percent behind Linux.

And always will be.

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